Will Manchester City achieve their wish of winning the War of the Stars?

Manchester City has an image of a frog in a well. After Sheikh Mansour took over as the owner, he commanded the British stage by building tremendous power with oil money on his back.

The English Premier League (EPL), FA Cup, and League Cup were won at the same time, and the domestic treble was achieved.

However, on the stage of Europe, which is the War of the Stars, they are unable to resolve their resentment. He lowered his head while showing a particularly weak appearance.스포츠토토

Manchester City seemed to achieve its dream of conquering Europe as it advanced to the final of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2020/21 season, but it was shattered when Chelsea caught up.

Man City has set a goal of reaching the top of Europe every season as they have no experience winning the UCL, and the atmosphere this season is good.

Man City showed off its power by showing off tremendous firepower with a monster called Elling Holland. They defeated Bayern Munich, their opponent in the quarterfinals, to advance to the semifinals.

Man City’s opponent is Real Madrid. Attention is drawn to whether he will be able to release his grievance for victory by defeating the giant and making a victory note in the final.

In this situation, ‘score90’, a soccer content production company, revealed the probability of winning the UCL this season, but Man City recorded the highest with 57%.

Real’s odds of winning were only 21%, compared to Inter Milan’s 21% and AC Milan’s 10%.

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