Golf is a game of passing through vast fairways and aiming for small targets. A ball flying from the teeing area must be put into a hole with a diameter of 108mm on the green. A club that ‘shoots far and accurately’ as a target for victory is the most powerful weapon a winner must have. 

The clubs used by the champions of major tournaments on the PGA Tour boast the best performance in the world as well as their skills. The global brand Srixon ZX Mk (Mark) II series, launched this year, is the club chosen by major champions. Srixon has developed a new product by receiving the most feedback from numerous tour pro players, including ‘Major Hunter’ Brooks Koepka, Masters Champion Hideki Matsuyama, and Open Champion Shane Lowry among previous models. The model that was born in that way is the ZX Mk II series. Koepka proved the club’s superiority by winning pre-launch with the ZX Mk II prototype. 

Realizing the fastest ball speed in Srixon’s history, the ZX Mk II driver was developed to aim farther and more accurately. The core technology is the rebound frame and star frame that condense the ball twice to create explosive speed. At impact, the ball is condensed once on the face and again on the body. Two flex zones play this role, a titanium face with a 10% larger rebound area than the previous model, and a thin backing of the face to amplify the rebound force when the face is bent. In addition, the Rigid Zone, which is a solid full-titanium seamless structure that surrounds the flex zone, effectively helps with rebound performance. The triangular structure-based star frame evenly distributes shock during impact to provide a sense of stability without shaking, and the moment of inertia is improved with a thinner crown and low center of gravity design. 

The ZX Mk II driver was released in three models, ZX7, ZX5, and ZX5 LS, and the fact that all driver models are available with 100% custom shafts at no additional cost, rather than OEM shafts, is an attraction that calls for purchase. ▲ ZX7 Mk II Driver : The tour-oriented head with a design that is easy to set up with

powerful distance & control  square, is easy to take away in the desired direction.

The compact and rounded crown makes it easy to control draw and fade pitches, and provides a strong trajectory and spin that does not get pushed by the wind. Compared to the previous model, the distance increased by 8 yards at a head speed of 100 mph, and the ball speed at 96 mph increased by 1.5 mph.  

◇ ZX5 Mk II/ LS Driver
The slightly pointed head that falls long from the top line to the back of the head of the ZX5 Mk II and LS models stands out for its design specializing in high trajectory and forgiveness. The set-up stability is high, allowing straight takeaway, and the shallow rear design, which makes it easy to launch the ball, enhances the trajectory. 

▲ ZX5 Mk II LS Driver :

This is a newly added LS model in the low spin & forgiveness ZX5 Mk II lineup. It is suitable for golfers who want stable direction and distance with low spin. It is a low-spin, high-trajectory model that reflects the recent trend. It is designed with the center of the batting center lowered forward. It is strong against the wind with excellent directionality and low spin, and it 
is easier to control the ball quality than the ZX5 Mk II.

▲ ZX5 Mk II DRIVER : High trajectory & forgiveness

, stable direction and accurate impact, suitable for golfers who want distance. It offers the highest trajectory and very high forgiveness among the ZX Mk II models.

The fairway wood is a model that breaks the prejudice that it is difficult to handle. Equipped with the same rebound frame technology as the driver, the ZX Mk II fairway wood also boasts the fastest ball speed in Srixon history. The Canon sole design, which has a weight pad mounted on the sole at the back of the head face, maintains a low center of gravity while increasing elasticity at the bottom of the face to improve repulsive force.

The ZX Mk II, which consists of #3 (15 degrees), #5 (18 degrees), and #7 (21 degrees), is designed to reduce the amount of spin and enable more accurate impact by raising the positions of the 5th and 7th sweet spots. The flat sole design with a smooth toe and heel side reduces grass resistance and is designed to enable stable shots even in difficult lies. No. 3 has a stepped design with a lightweight carbon crown to lower the center of gravity and realizes low spin and high trajectory.

Hybrids that replace long irons are a powerful weapon that is indispensable to golf bags. The ZX Mk II Hybrid was configured with #3 (19 degrees) to 6 (28 degrees) with a 3-degree loft spacing. Depending on the repulsive force, the rebound frame with a weak-strong-weak-strong quadruple structure is applied in the same way as the driver to enhance the rebound performance. 

The design of the canon sole is the same as that of the fairway wood, but the low center of gravity design, which is positioned behind the sole, improves trajectory and forgiveness to provide stable flight distance. In addition, the newly designed face has a softer roll design, which has improved the ability to mitigate mistakes against mishit shots. The compact head design reflecting tour feedback is easy to control, and the flat sole design reduces turf resistance. In addition, the height of the crown is eliminated to provide a soft feel at impact. 

Srixon actively reflected the opinions of tour players playing on the world stage one by one in developing irons as well as drivers to complete the ZX Mk II irons, which incorporate the latest technology. The new ZX Mk II irons can be summed up in three innovations. It features a Pure Frame with a feel highly praised by Tour players, a Main Frame that has evolved for faster ball speed, and Tour VT sole technology that improves head movement before and after impact. Here, the loft-specific groove design with increased accuracy provides optimal spin for the situation. The grooves of the long and middle irons (#3~7) are made wide and shallow to ensure stable distance, while the grooves of the short irons (#8~P) are made narrow and deep and the number of grooves increased to enhance spin performance on rough or wet grass. did. 

▲ ZX7 Mk II irons

With a sleek design and excellent maneuverability preferred by tour players, the ZX7 Mk II irons are designed for control shots with a comfortable feel in difficult situations. The head design is bold. The top, sole, and edge lengths are precisely adjusted with a design that makes it easy to image pitches to meet the needs of tour players. The length of the blade is shortened to give a sharp feel, and it smoothly connects from the leading line to the neck to increase the concentration on the target. The shot feeling that sticks to the head face is a pure frame effect. The thickness of the cavity back is reduced to 80% compared to the previous model to provide a soft feel at impact. This thin section applied the results of analyzing the RBI locations of tour players and advanced golfers. The S20C soft iron forged body provides a soft feel at impact and stable direction, and the high-density tungsten weight improves error forgiveness. 

▲ ZX5 Mk II Iron

The sensuous design of the ZX5 Mk II is an almighty iron. It is a model that combines all balanced performances such as strong flight distance, excellent spin control, forgiveness, and maneuverability. The speed groove placed on the periphery of the head face enhances rebound performance with an optimized face thickness design for fast ball speed. The speed groove has been enlarged by 65% ​​compared to the previous model, and the heel side of the face is thinner and thicker toward the toe to increase repulsive force. The bounce was designed to match the swing trajectory so that it can be controlled with a stable impact even in difficult situations and lies, and the height difference between the toe and heel is rounded to allow the head to come off well after impact.  슬롯사이트

▲ Z-FORGED II irons

Z-FORGED II with a sleek and compact muscle back design is expected to be released in April, raising expectations. 

▲ ZX Mk II Utility

The utility that replaces the long iron is a club that needs to draw a high and strong trajectory easily and conveniently. The ZX Mk II utility provides a high trajectory and stable flight distance with fast ball speed. Thanks to the main frame structure, the center of gravity is lowered by reducing the weight of the toe and sole and speed grooves with different thicknesses around the face to improve trajectory and improve rebound performance. The S20C soft iron forged body absorbs shock at impact to provide a soft feel at impact, and the high specific gravity tungsten nickel weight mounted on the rear of the sole realizes a high and strong trajectory with a low and deep center of gravity. The wide sole designed with an oblique step enables stable setup in various lies, allowing for comfortable and stable shot making. The top line with minimal offset is the same as the ZX Mk II irons, so there is no sense of heterogeneity, so it is not burdensome at address. The ZX Mk II utility consists of #2 (18 degrees), #3 (20 degrees), and #4 (23 degrees). 

▲ The resurrection weapon

of the ‘Major Hunter’ Brooks Koepka is called the ‘Major Hunter’. Four of the eight wins on the PGA Tour have been won in major tournaments. Koepka has a hot-tempered personality as much as his masculine appearance. But he is also delicate. Enough to notice that his wife’s minor accessory has changed.

He is sensitive about his club selection. Just a few years ago, his golf bag looked like a general store. Several brand clubs were mixed, and discontinued clubs were also included. It is because of his old habit of not changing clubs easily. After transferring to LIV Golf in October of last year, he won his first championship in the 7th round of the Invitational Series. After winning his 8th win on the PGA Tour, he was sluggish due to a knee injury, but he lifted the championship trophy in 1 year and 8 months. In his golf bag was a prototype of Srixon’s new ZX7 Mk II driver. 

Koepka joined hands with Srixon two years ago. In the meantime, he, who had rejected offers from numerous global product companies for his performance, drew attention just by choosing Srixon. In February 2021, while winning the PGA Tour Phoenix Open with ZX7 irons, I was fascinated by the excellent performance of Srixon clubs. Since then, Koepka has been using Srixon drivers and irons, Cleveland wedges, and Srixon golf balls.

In November of the same year, he faced Bryson Dishambeau, his rival and representative of the PGA Tour, at The Match. It was announced that it was ‘Srixon Man’. He expressed his satisfaction, saying, “I am very happy to be a member of Srixon and Cleveland alongside my good friends and major champions such as Hideki Matsuyama and Shane Lowry.” Since then, he has actively participated in equipment development as a staff member at Srixon and Cleveland, contributing to the production of new products. 

This Srixon ZX Mk II series was also completed with feedback from tour players around the world, including Koepka. Koepka was proud to be part of Srixon. “It’s exciting to be part of the equipment development as a Srixon staff member, because the Srixon clubs are some of the best I’ve played on tour. This new model has higher ball speed and less spin than the previous model. It has a stronger trajectory and We confirmed the excellent performance by increasing the distance.”

His Srixon staff members Lowry and Hideki also praised the ZX Mk II driver. Lowry said, “The ball speed increased, the flight distance increased, and the trajectory came out the way I wanted, so I am very satisfied.” Everyone is satisfied,” he said. 

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