Shin Ji-ah (15), the rising star of Korean figure skating, once again kicked off the ice with a ‘golden jump’.

On the first day of the International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating World Junior Championships held in Calgary, Canada on the 2nd, Shin Ji-ah scored 71.19 points in the short program, placing second behind Mao Shimada (Japan) who scored 71.78 points.

She was ahead of Shimada (31.11) in program composition (art) score (PCS 31.20), but fell slightly behind Shimada (40.67) in technical score (TES 39.99). However, Shin Ji-ah re-challenges for the gold medal with a generous ranking among the short program finalists, who selected 22 out of 47.

Jia Shin narrowly missed out on the gold medal at the World Junior Championships held in Tallinn, Estonia on April 18 last year.

She ranked first in the free with a score of 136.63, but in the total of the previous day’s short (69.38 points), she scored 206.01 points, finishing with Isabeau Levito (USA, 206.55 points) and the silver medal. Her score difference was only 0.54 points. 토토사이트

Previously, among the medalists in this event, the only Korean athlete was Yuna Kim, who won the gold medal in 2006 following the silver medal in 2005, but when Shin Ji-ah won the silver medal last year, she was named the new star of Korean women’s figure skating. When Shin Ji-ah wears the gold medal she failed to win last year on the 4th in free skating around her neck, she will report her great achievement 17 years after Kim Yu-na.

Shin Ji-ah, who started the match to Michael W Smith’s ‘The Giving’, performed her first jump, a triple lutz-triple toe loop combination jump, cleanly and earned a GOE of 1.85. The subsequent double axel was also clean, and the final jump, the triple loop, was rated GOE at 1.47 points.

Ji-ah Shin is somewhat behind Shimada in difficult jumps such as the triple axel and the quadruple jump, but she improved her competitiveness with a strategy of running difficult jumps in the second half of the program. This is why we expect Shin Jia to turn over in free skating.

Kim Yoo-jae (15, Pyeongchon Middle School), who competed together, ranked 4th with 63.97 points, and Kwon Min-sol (14, Yeongdong Middle School) ranked 6th with 62.82 points.

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