Can the ‘liberation of golf’, where you can boo and cheer as much as you want while drinking, can be liberated from beer cans this year?

The most popular par 3 16 of the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour WM Phoenix Open (total prize money of 20 million dollars) being held at the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course (par 71, 7261 yards) in Scottsdale, Arizona from the 10th (Korean time). At the Burn Hall, this year, interest has emerged as to whether the beer can-throwing ceremony of galleries will disappear.

Nicknamed the ‘Colosseum’, this hall is famous for its diamond-shaped three-story grandstand that can accommodate 20,000 people from the teeing area to the outside of the green. When the players hit a good shot, cheers come out, and especially when there is a hole-in-one, fans throw plastic water bottles or beer cans that they used to drink, and it has become a cultural practice.

However, last year was a problem due to too many candies. Drinking cans not only caused damage to the course, but were also dangerous to players, caddies, volunteers and everyone on the ropes.

On the last day, when Sam Ryder made a hole-in-one on this hole, it turned into a frenzy. When Justin Thomas made a chip-in birdie outside the green, another beer can throwing ceremony followed. In addition, the game was delayed due to two hole-in-ones, collecting beer cans, water bottles and other foreign objects thrown by the gallery.

Some of the players during the game felt threatened by a can thrown by a fan. Players complained. “I didn’t want to see a water bottle fly straight to my head from the third floor, but I did,” said Jon Lam (Spain). The foundation added one operating principle this year.

The beer cup that appeared in the 16th hole this year.

At Hall 16, all alcoholic beverages are served in green plastic glasses printed with the Coors logo and Hall 16 logo. For $10, which is cheap compared to beer sold at competition venues, a glass is served by the glass, not the can. 바카라사이트

It’s lightweight plastic, so even if you throw it, it won’t fly far. Also, when fans enter the hall, they are not allowed to carry canned alcoholic beverages. Surrounding this hall, the petition police increased. A social media campaign banning the throwing of beer cans and a no-throwing notice board were put up.

However, since the hole-in-one has not been released yet, it is unknown whether it will actually be kept well. Kevin Kisner and Tony Finau had great shots that came close to a hole-in-one in the first round, but they narrowly missed. It seems that there was no particular problem as the game was delayed on the first day.

This competition set a record for the largest number of galleries that entered the gallery in 2018, with 216,818 people per day on Saturday, and a total of 719,179 people during the competition week. It is an event that attracts the largest number of spectators in the world outside of the Olympics, so orderliness in the gallery is important. This tournament, which has become another point of interest for the tournament, will be broadcast on Saturday mornings on JTBC Golf & Sports and JTBC Golf.

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