“I’m glad we won, but I feel regret.”

Changwon LG won the tie for 3rd place after a close match and became the 3rd place alone. While coach Jo Sang-hyun encouraged the players, he pointed out what needs to be improved. 토토

LG beat Goyang Carrot 79-73 in the 3rd round home game of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ held at Changwon Gymnasium on the 18th. It was a close game by one point until the middle of the fourth quarter. However, in the last 5 minutes, Carrot’s shot success rate fell, Kim Jun-il and Lee Kwan-hee’s inner and outer guns exploded and won. With the victory on this day, LG, who recorded three consecutive victories, became the sole third place.

After the game, coach Cho said, “It was rather burdensome because one foreign player was missing. Still, it’s good that the players did well until the end, so I’m glad we won.” “It’s a game that leaves a lot of regret about the players’ concentration, bottom-of-the-basket shots, and free throws. Clearly, our high school had an advantage in height, but foreign players reacted sensitively to bottom-of-the-basket shots or foul calls, hurting the game’s concentration. Rather, It would have been easy if I had gone to the standard, but I think I need to correct that point.”