Korea University won a valuable victory in the expedition, thanks to Lee Dong-geun’s (F, 198cm) great performance.

Korea University won 63-43 against Kyunghee University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Kyunghee University International Campus Sunseunggwan. Lee Dong-geun contributed to the victory by recording 11 points, 14 rebounds and 4 blocked shots while running the court for 34 minutes and 15 seconds.

Korea University scored only 10 points in the first quarter. Thanks to Kyunghee University’s strong defense, it was possible to finish the first quarter with a lead (10-4), but it was clear that it was not a satisfactory 10 minutes.

So, at the beginning of the second quarter, which was important to Korea University, Lee Dong-geun took the lead. Lee Dong-geun opened the second quarter with an exciting dunk, and scored under the Kyunghee University goal. In the second half of the game, when Kyung Hee University was trying to rekindle the pursuit, Lee Dong-geun didn’t score, but he kept the team’s lead by working hard on the rebound. He grabbed 7 offensive rebounds, a record more than the entire Kyunghee University team (6).

Lee Dong-geun said, “I feel good because I finished the first game well after the midterm exam break.” He continued, “When I didn’t attack much in the first quarter and grabbed rebounds, I was busy looking for teammates. After the 1st quarter, the coach told me to go ahead and do it confidently. I think it went well because I played the game thinking about that part.”

On this day, Lee Dong-geun made 4 blocked shots in addition to scoring and rebounding, which left a good record. He even blocked an opponent’s three-pointer. Lee Dong-geun said, “Actually, I came out with my mind before the game. He does rebounds and basic things, but I thought he would have done a lot of blocked shots, so I think it went well.”

However, it was clear that none of the three-pointers were successful in the game. He tried three, but all missed the rim. Regarding this, Lee Dong-geun said, “I practiced a lot during the midterm exam, but when I go to the game, I get nervous and work hard. He is usually very nervous, but he is getting better and better as the season progresses.”온라인카지노

Korea University has Moon Jeong-hyeon, who is considered the best forward in the university. Lee Dong-geun, who played the game for more than 30 minutes on this day, also matched with Moon Jeong-hyun. Lee Dong-geun said, “I still lack a lot. I make a lot of mistakes and I can’t even take it at the right time, but (Moon) Jeong-hyeon hyung tells me a lot. I am breathing in harmony while listening to such stories.”

Coach Hee-jeong Joo also commented on Lee Dong-geun after the game, saying, “Even though his ball power is short, he is growing fast because he is smart. He left a compliment, saying, “If you tell me one, you know two.” Attention is focusing on whether Lee Dong-geun, who is showing a terrifying growth rate, can contribute to Korea University’s overall victory.

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