On the 3rd (local time), a strong wind blew in the Los Angeles area at 33 km/h. The wind was even worse at Dodger Stadium, which is higher up. In addition, the weather was chilly at 13 degrees Celsius, and it felt colder.

The Los Angeles Dodgers broadcasting team also showed the scene of the American flag and the Californian flag in the outfield swaying violently in the wind as the game started. Before the game, the commentator predicted, “The wind blows from the outfield to the infield, so today’s home run will not be easy.” Dodgers hitter Chris Taylor and Jason Heyward hit their first home run of the season through the wind.스포츠토토

However, even in such bad weather, the road to Dodger Stadium was lined with cars that were worse than commuting rush hour. This is because it was the day when Mexican left-hander Julio Urias’ ‘Bobblehead doll’ was provided for fan service on the first day of the two-game series against the Colorado Rockies National League West Division team. Mexican fans stood out.

A bobblehead is a doll that shakes its head. It is the best fan service product for baseball fans. Bobbleheads have been given as gifts for a very long time, and now they have become a collection item. Bobblehead fan service is used by all major league clubs as a fan service item.

But the Dodgers and other clubs are different. The Dodgers announce that it will be given to 40,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis. In fact, it is given to all visitors. The first 40,000 people are a kind of clever trick. This is why you try to get to the ballpark early. Other clubs are limited to 15,000, 20,000, etc. in actual first-come, first-served basis. There is a huge line of fans arriving at the stadium early. In fact, if you are late, you cannot receive the bobblehead doll. You could call it a marketing difference.

The Dodgers currently have set a bobblehead day through August. A total of 10 times. Freddy Freeman bobbleheads were handed out even in the opening series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. This year, active and Dodgers legends Aurel Hershiser, Fernando Valenzuela, and Manny Mota were included. Existing Clayton Kersher and others have Bobblehead Day every year. The doll’s face changes.

The bobblehead fan service card picks a team with weak crowd mobilization. There will be no fan service during the interleague three-game series against the New York Yankees in June. Even if there is no fan service, the audience is bound to come. In a 4-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates in July, bobble heads were given twice. Underperforming Pittsburgh is not a popular club for away crowds.

Pen-Service Bobblehead is not being built on a Dodgers budget. Get sponsors from local businesses. The Dodgers show off their marketing skills by making full use of the advantage of being a prestigious school with strong naming rights. Bobblehead by Julio Urias is sponsored by American Bank.

On the 3rd, despite strong winds and chilly weather, 49,792 people entered Dodger Stadium. It’s bobblehead ticket power. The Dodgers rank first in crowd mobilization every year.

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