Reporter Moon Seong-dae = KMH Shilla Leisure Consortium, the follow-up operator of the Sky 72 golf course near Incheon International Airport, promised to normalize the golf course early for the employment stability of workers and the protection of small business owners in connection with the recent court execution.

The Incheon District Court completed the compulsory execution of the land transfer for the 54th hole of the Bada Course on the 17th according to the Supreme Court’s ruling on December 1 of last year.

On the 18th, the KMH Shilla Leisure Consortium announced its position, “As a follow-up operator of the golf course, we will work with Incheon International Airport to ensure the early normal operation of the golf course.” 바카라

At the same time, the KMH Shilla Leisure Consortium explained about the small business issue, “We have already signed business agreements with three small business owners in the golf course. We will also open communication channels with other small business owners.”

Meanwhile, the KMH Shilla Leisure Consortium conducted employment succession procedures for employees in front of the golf course clubhouse and installed two temporary tents to communicate with small business owners.

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