Reporter Lee Eui-jin = “I think professional football is really a ‘high wall’ itself. It’s really hard to come up (here). You have to do well and follow your luck.”

K-League 2 Ansan Greeners striker Kim Bum-soo (23) is the owner of a unique career recognized in professional soccer.

He is so unique that it is hard to find precedents.

After graduating from high school, he served in the army as a regular soldier, then passed through amateur K5, K7 leagues, and semi-professional K4 leagues before finally entering the professional stage.

The process of moving up from the 4th division to the K league also happened at once.

He was noticed by the K-League 1 Jeju United Power Analyst under coach Nam Ki-il and immediately received an offer to join.

Kim Beom-soo, who visited the ‘2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’ held at the Seogwipokal Hotel in Jeju on the 6th, said, “I played about 30 games in the 4th division, and they said that it came into the eyes of the Jeju Power Analyst. It’s really amazing.” I looked back.

As soon as he joined Jeju in the summer of last year, he got a chance as a starter and scored his debut goal in 3 games, creating a topic.

Having played in a total of 15 games, he moved his enemy to Ansan in the K-League 2 (second division) last year.

In summary, after rising from the 7th division to the 4th division, he went straight to the 1st division, and then took a step back to the 2nd division ahead of the new season.

Although he has come down one notch from last year, Kim Bum-soo said that the fact that he is still in the world of ‘professional soccer’ is important.

He said, “I have regrets about the first division. But I don’t think there is much difference from the second division.”

“The original goal was the 3rd and 4th divisions. It was because I thought that I could somehow make a living playing soccer even if I went there,” he added. 안전놀이터

Having entered the professional career on a completely different path from his peers, he stressed that he is proud of his ‘achievements’ as a soccer player.

Kim Beom-soo said, “I came this far by taking advantage of my strengths.” “Players in a league lower than professional soccer do not have confidence because they do not know their skills. I know all these things because I have experienced ‘bottom’.”

He said, “I doubted if my speed would work in the first division, but after trying it, I was able to do it enough.” “Director Nam also said he chose it because he liked my own reckless play that no one else could do. I continue to try one-on-one attacks.” he explained.

Of course, Kim Beom-soo, who was born as an ‘amateur’, says that the professional stage is still difficult.

He said, “It’s professional to gather only the best players in our country and run.”

He continued, “Those players are working hard while noticing each other. Seeing this kind of sight makes me try not to fall behind somehow,” he said.

He added, “My (soccer) life has always been a fight with me. I feel that I have not received help from anyone to come this far.”

His entry into professional soccer was described by many media outlets as the ‘Korean version of Jamie Body’.

English Premier League (EPL) Leicester City’s striker Body started his career in the 8th division, led the team’s EPL victory in the 2015-2016 season, and even wore the England national team uniform.

Kim Bum-soo said that the comparison with the body was embarrassing.

He said, “I also went from the 7th division to the 1st division, but that player is the EPL and I am the K-League. Moreover, the body is a really good player.” said.

To him, “I have no intention of being satisfied with this much,” Ansan is a ‘land of opportunity’.

Coach Lim Jong-heon pointed out Kim Bum-soo at the interview today and praised him, saying, “He is a fast and active player.

Kim Beom-soo said, “I think coach Lim respects the players. He tries to make use of each player’s strengths in detail.”

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