◇ Anchor Yoon Joo-seong (hereafter Yoon Ju-seong): Let’s connect with Gwangju Ilbo Kim Yeo-ul and listen to sports news. hello?

◆ Gwangju Daily Reporter Kim Yeo-ul (hereafter Kim Yeo-ul): How are you?

◇ Yun Ju-seong: The Kia Tigers entered the spring camp. You started training the second time after the first rest day?

◆ Kim Yeo-ul: Yes. That’s right. I’m in Arizona, USA. The athletes are training on a 3-day training schedule and 1-day rest schedule. The second training was carried out. Here it is at 4:48 PM local time on Monday, the 6th. The weather here was quite chilly today, but the weather is still going well for the players to train. Training is intensively and systematically conducted in the morning. After lunch, weight training and free time. However, training is conducted at night. Socrates is participating in night training, saying, “This is the first time in my baseball life.” The Arizona camp is running smoothly, dividing it into Group A, Group B, high referee, and rookie group, and proceeding to night training for beasts.

◇ Yoon Ju-seong: Pitchers are speeding up with bullpen pitching. 온라인카지노

◆ Kim Yeo-ul: Yes. The pitchers quickly started pitching. From the first turn of training, pitchers were pitching to the bullpen. New foreign pitchers Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina also started preparing for the new league by digesting bullpen pitching in the first turn. Looking at the two players, they are really lively and fit well into the team. What is as important as the skill of foreign players is their personality. How you adapt to the new team and adapt to the league is important. It is said that the two players learned the team training in one day while showing respect for the KBO League. I also joke around with the players without hesitation. We are currently training with a new team familiar. And bullpen pitching There’s pitching that catches the eye. In the case of Kim Dae-yu, he was recruited as a compensation player for Park Dong-won, and he digested bullpen pitching yesterday during this time. He said that since it was his first pitching, he threw everything he wanted, and he said that he was more satisfied with throwing the ball to the catcher more accurately than he thought. And here at this time, Hyeonjong Yang caught the attention of reporters today. I will also participate as the WBC national team this season, and today’s first bullpen pitching, pitching was done at a faster pace than in previous years.

Yang Hyeon-jong also said that he was satisfied with pitching and that he seemed to have thrown it well. Catcher Han Seung-taek, the catcher who knows Hyeon-jong Yang best after receiving the ball from Hyeon-jong Yang, said that the ball was quite good and that he caught the ball well because it was better than expected.

◇ Yoon Ju-seong: I heard that the Futures team is holding a spring camp in Hampyeong as well.

◆ Kim Yeo-ul: Yes. Spring camps are currently being held in two locations. Team training continues in Hampyeong with Arizona. The most eye-catching aspect of the Futures team led by head coach Son Seung-rak was the training schedule. 5 days of training followed by 5 days of rest. For players with a high level of intensity, it can be a very tiring workout. However, the story of coach Son Seung-rak said that the training schedule would not be as difficult as the players thought because it allows the players to do such training that suits them autonomously. And the most notable part, I went and saw the first training in Hampyeong myself. Speaking of camps in previous years, I imagined the athletes running, stretching, and training as a group while moving all at once. On the first day, it was called Testing Day for the players, so tests were conducted.

Players The most important part for baseball players, such as quickness, speed, agility, flexibility, and power, was tested on 13 items related to this part. Through this detailed test, the data of the players is being made. Based on this data, it is possible to determine what strengths and weaknesses this player has. Based on this data, it is Kia’s baseball that adds science, such as maximizing power through the part where the player needs it most or preventing injury. . It is such an idea and plan to reduce the gap through this competition and strengthen Kia’s overall power.

◇ Yoon Ju-seong: The KBO exhibition game starts on March 13th. Kia’s first away game against Hanwha is scheduled?

◆ Kim Yeo-ul: Yes. With the exhibition game schedule coming out, I think you’ll think that the season has already started. A total of 70 games, 14 games per team, will be held from March 13th until the 28th. Kia goes to Daejeon and plays the opening game against Hanwha. After that, I go to Gocheok and spend two consecutive matches against Kiwoom. And the 17th is a rest day. Afterwards, the game will be held at home, and the schedule for 8 consecutive home matches against Doosan, LG, SSG, and NC will unfold. The last game will be against Lotte. We plan to complete our preparations for the 2023 season by digesting the last two consecutive matches in resignation on the 27th and 28th. In the exhibition game, you can participate in an unlimited number of players, including your own players and foster players. All matches start at 1:00 PM. And overtime and doubleheaders are not played. Canceled matches will not be rescheduled and will be canceled as is. Video review is also done, but each team can apply twice. However, if two consecutive judgments are overturned, one additional video review can be requested. Also, there were inquiries from fans asking if they could watch the demonstration game. Champions Field is open to fans, so if you want to watch an exhibition game, you can check the Kia home exhibition schedule and watch the game at 1:00 pm.

◇ Yoon Joo-seong: You are directly covering overseas field training in the US. How is the overall atmosphere of the team?

◆ Kim Yeo-wool: The players are still saying that it is difficult to adjust to the jet lag because they have come a long way. They say that they are a little tired, but they said that it is a camp that will be held overseas for the first time in 3 years. In the case of Choi Hyeong-woo, the oldest player, he came here early on January 15th and finished adjusting to the time difference. In addition, three players, Choi Hyeong-woo, Hwang Dae-in, and Ryu Ji-hyeok, came early and adapted, but Ryu Ji-hyuk said that he seemed to be able to concentrate while training only if he had to adjust to the time difference, and that he could prepare without injury. There are also players who are new to overseas for the first time. Kim Do-young also joined as a pro last year, but he was unable to attend an overseas camp, but it is said to be his first overseas camp and his first in the United States. In addition, catcher Kim Seon-woo said it was his first overseas camp and his first time in the United States. That’s how much everything is new and every day is different, so it’s exciting and fun, and he expressed his determination to work hard.

◇ Yoon Joo-seong: AI Peppers couldn’t utilize Oh Ji-young and ended up losing in the GS match?

◆ Kim Yeo-ul: Yes. Oh Ji-young The controversy seems to continue. After the controversy over GS Caltex and away game Oh Ji-young, it was held again, and the Peppers lost 0:3 in this game. It’s only 2 wins in the season, and now Peppers has lost 3 consecutive losses, and GS Caltex has escaped from 3 consecutive losses on the contrary. Of course, the most eye-catching part was whether or not Oh Ji-young participated, but Oh Ji-young did not appear in the game. At the time of Oh Ji-young’s trade, there was a clause stating that he would not play in the GS Caltex match, and as Peppers fulfilled this, there was a problem with the game operation again this time.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has recently determined that this part infringes on the players’ rights and interests and impedes the club’s fair competition.

◇ Yoon Joo-seong: I look forward to more stories from the local coverage. Until now, I was a reporter for Gwangju Ilbo Kim Yeo-ul. Thank you.

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