Actor Ha Do-kwon made a surprise appearance at Sungkyunkwan University.

On the 27th, ahead of the confrontation between Sungkyunkwan University and Chung-Ang University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Suseonggwan, Sungkyunkwan University Natural Science Campus, a special person visited the basketball court. Ha Do-kwon, who plays the role of Kang Doo-gi in the popular baseball drama ‘Stove League’, is the main character.

Ha Do-kwon wore a Sungkyunkwan University uniform before the game and took part in situ. He tried a total of three throws from the free throw line, but unfortunately all of them turned away from the rim, and his expression was full of regret.

Ha Do-kwon said, “I have experience with pitching, but it is my first time pitching. He was very fond of basketball when he was a basketball fanatic. He also did it himself, but tension and excitement coexisted because it was a long time ago. But he should have put it in, but he couldn’t. If Sungkyunkwan University loses in this match, it’s my fault (laughs).”

It is quite rare to invite a city investor on the college basketball stage, not the professional stage. The reason Sungkyunkwan University was able to invite Ha Do-kwon as a city investment was thanks to his relationship with director Kim Sang-joon, who leads Sungkyunkwan University.크크크벳

Ha Do-kwon said, “I was introduced to director (Kim Sang-joon) through an acquaintance. He just said that he hoped the coach would come to see that there was a good match. He came to cheer us on, and said he would buy us something delicious after the show (laughs).”

After the fight, Ha Do-kwon sat in the stands and watched the game. Ha Do-kwon said, “College basketball is so much more fun than I thought. The game is fast and the players are really passionate. I will cheer hard,” he also left a word of support.

However, the chance to become a ‘victory fairy’ had to be postponed until later. Sungkyunkwan University, which was dragged until the first half, made the game a close match thanks to Ha Do-kwon’s support, but failed to turn the game around as it lost 62-65.

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