The Samsung Lions Futures team trained on the 2nd at Akama Stadium, the first team campground.

Early in the morning of the 2nd, heavy rain fell in the Ishikawa area where the Futures team is staying. Ground maintenance started right away in the morning, but it was difficult to carry out normal training due to rain. The Futures team had training such as warm-up at the indoor practice field located right next door.

It was confirmed that outdoor training was possible due to the relatively small amount of rain at Akama Stadium, the training ground for the first team. After that, the 1st team and Futures staff quickly coordinated the schedule. After some adjustments to the schedule of the first team players, it was decided that the Futures team would move to Akama Stadium in the afternoon for training. 온라인바카라

On this afternoon, the entire Futures team moved to Akama Stadium. And, using the indoor practice field and auxiliary stadium, the training that was set for the day was performed normally. Some pitchers even pitched for the first time in the bullpen at Akama Stadium. It was because the first team and Futures players were located on the nearby streets.

Akama Stadium, used by the first team players, and Ishikawa Stadium, used by the Futures team, are about 30 minutes away by car.

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