Is Jeonbuk Hyundai’s head of administration free from responsibility?

Jeonbuk is walking on a thin ice road this season. After the opening, 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses in 5 games are showing results that are not suitable for a team that has champion DNA.

Jeonbuk suffered a 1-2 come-from-behind loss in the opening game against Ulsan Hyundai, and then drew 1-1 with Suwon Samsung at home.

Then, after winning 2-0 in the home game against Gwangju FC, he wanted to bring about a reversal of the atmosphere, and then knelt down 0-2 in the Daegu FC away game. Afterwards, he bowed his head again as he suffered a 1-2 come-from-behind loss to Pohang Steelers.

Fans expressed their anger at Jeonbuk’s sluggish performance. In the game against Pohang, the crowd did not cheer. It’s a home room, but the atmosphere of an expedition was sensed.

After the match, angry fans gathered in groups of twos and threes to block the front of the team’s bus and shouted for the resignation of the representative and coach.바카라

After the war of nerves, coach Kim Sang-sik stood in front of the fans and promised to rebound with an apology for his poor performance.

The coach bowed his head, feeling the responsibility for the performance and actions that were not suitable for Jeonbuk, which was equipped with the champion DNA.

However, there is an awkward part. There was no representative in charge of the administration of Jeonbuk. Even when there was an issue of fans blocking the bus after the match against Pohang, it did not appear and only an apology was posted on the official channel two days later.

This isn’t the first time the CEO has ignored communication with fans. Fans who were outraged by his poor performance and bizarre behavior constantly asked for a place to talk. Every time this happened, I hid behind and didn’t come forward.

A meeting was held in September of last year at the earnest request of the fans. did attend. However, at the time, the role of the representative as the head of Jeonbuk’s administration was unclear, with Park Ji-seong, an advisor, answering almost all questions.

Jeonbuk’s bizarre administrative handling was constantly criticized. An employee of the public relations team did not recognize the part accompanying the weekend away game as work, and an incident broke out because there was no staff to deal with.

After the incident broke out, there was a skit that acknowledged the work of the employees accompanying the weekend away game and urgently granted an alternative day off.

For several years, Jeonbuk has been pointed out that work is not going smoothly. Last season, for personal reasons, then general manager Baek Seung-kwon left the team, leaving a gap in related work.

Jeonbuk has announced that the representative will carry out duties concurrently with the position of general manager. It is known that this actually slowed down the pace of work.

It was reported that the CEO was overloaded to handle the work alone and there was no part where the work was done quickly.

The reason was an incomprehensible business reorganization. Most K-League clubs have a secretary, but Jeonbuk does not.

Although there is a team leader for each department, the representative did not give enough authority and tried to handle all the work by himself, so the matter that should be progressed quickly could not speed up.

Of course, there is also responsibility for performance. However, grades are only possible with active administrative support.

The cog wheel called Jeonbuk is in a situation where it cannot run smoothly because it is blocked by the wall of hasty and behind-the-scenes administrative processing.

If Jeonbuk doesn’t pull off a proper rebound, the expression of angry fans will continue. Would you hide behind each time and put the blame on a specific person alone?

ask Is Jeonbuk’s hasty and behind-the-scenes administration truly free from responsibility amidst the endless fall of Jeonbuk?

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