The news of the sudden change of captain before the match, explained by FC Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo, “was not my concern, but the will of the player himself.

” 12 rounds of 1Q K League 1 2023. The two teams that created a subtle atmosphere with the remarks of ‘that football’ meet and attract fans’ attention., Meanwhile, before the match, unexpected news was delivered: FC Seoul’s captain replacement news.

The club reported on social media that Osmar took over the captaincy from Ilyuchenko and played the role of captain. As it was known ahead of the game, attention was focused on the reason for the replacement. Previously, Seoul announced the official captain ahead of the opening, and entrusted the captain’s armband to Ilyuchenko, who joined in the summer of 2022. Ilyuchenko has played the role of captain, leading the Seoul team from off-season training.

It is not the first time Seoul has entrusted the captain’s armband to a foreign player. I already took the captaincy to Osmar in 2016, and I have 스포츠토토good memories of winning the league at the time.

Head coach Ahn Ik-soo, who faced the reporters before the game, said, “Ilyuchenko is a player with a very good professionalism. He is an excellent mentor who sets a great example for young players from the past to the present and the future.” He continued, “Ilyu Chenko said he was sorry every time and conveyed his intention to focus on recovering his condition.” Finally, he said, “I was against it until the end, but it was a choice I couldn’t help because I had a strong will.”

On the other hand, regarding Osmar, who will wear the captain’s armband again, he emphasized, “A foreign player like a Korean player. He is the player who led the team to victory. There is no doubt.”

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