“It’s a big deal if you go to the national team…”

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea coach Kim Ho-cheol had a player he wished not to be selected for the national team. It was setter Kim Ha-kyung. Usually, I welcome going to the national team. In particular, it is because the younger he is, the more opportunities he has to grow through international competitions. However, in the case of Kim Ha-gyeong, the national team was poisoned.

Kim Ha-kyung showed significant growth in the second half of the season under coach Kim’s guidance last season, and as a result, he was selected for the national team after the season and wore the Taegeuk mark. But after he returned from the national team, he couldn’t find the form he had last season. He needed time to adapt to the style of the national team and his team.

Recently, as the breathing between Kim Ha-kyung and the strikers improved again, IBK scored 4 wins and 2 losses in the 5th round, and in the 6th round, it is recording 1 win and 1 loss, such as catching the busy Korea Expressway Corporation. 스포츠토토

Coach Kim said, “(Kim) Ha Kyung-i is gradually improving. There is a difference between last year and this year.” I’m tossing. But compared to the end of last season, there are still parts that are lacking,” he said, expressing regret about the part he went to the national team last year.

Kim Ha-gyeong also said, “At the beginning of the season, I went to the national team and couldn’t train for our team, so there were parts that didn’t fit.”

When coach Kim talked about his worries about the national team, Ha-kyung Kim showed confidence. Kim Ha-kyung said, “I tried a low and fast toss for the first time after the coach came, and it seems to fit our team. I think it fits our striker as well.” I think we should watch it. I think that is also a good way. I want to make sure that even when I come to the team, I can continue the rhythm.” It was like trying to apply the management and toss of the current team to the national team.

In the midst of chaos, spring volleyball is far away. Kim Ha-gyeong said, “It’s good that we won recently, but it’s a pity that we came out in the second half,” and “I want to do well from the beginning next season.”

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