“The original sign was to send the ball to second base.

Lee Min-ho of the LG Twins showed off his team’s future-like crisis management. He was shaken at the moment, but he did his part.

Lee Min-ho started an exhibition game against the Lotte Giants held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 19th, and led the team to victory by fighting back with 2 runs in 4 innings. 59 pitches.

He brought himself into a crisis at the end of the first inning, but minimized the run with instant judgment.토토사이트

Leading batter Hwang Seong-bin allowed an infield hit and Ahn Kwon-su allowed a double. After that, he gave a walk to Seung-min Ko, and was full of dark clouds when he gave a walk with a safe and full base and a push to Rex.

However, he got the first out count with An Chi Hong’s sacrifice fly. He then struck out Hoon Jeong and cut Dong-Won Park’s throw to second base to catch the runner on third base and end the inning.

From episode 2, it has changed 180 degrees. In the bottom of the 2nd inning, he allowed a triple offense and in the 3rd inning, he allowed one hit, but the top batting line was treated as 3 consecutive offenses. Episode 4 was also a three-way offense.

The final score was 4 innings, 3 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs. The highest fastball speed was 146 km/h. On top of that, he threw a variety of curves (14 pitches), change-up (14 pitches), and slider (13 pitches) to block the Lotte batting line well.

Lee Min-ho, whom we met after the game, explained that the cut in the first inning was “not a play that was promised.” Instantly reading third base runner Seung-Min Ko’s movements, he said that he had cut and caught him.

“Originally, it was a sign to send (the ball) to second base, but I felt like the runner on third base would jump. The ball was lower than I thought… It’s fortunate that the result was good.”

In particular, regarding the situation with no bases loaded in the first inning, “There were hits and walks, but I threw as planned today. I went in. I think I got better than before. From the 2nd episode, I felt better.”

“Even in the regular season, even if a crisis comes like today, I want to lead the remaining innings well. I will prepare better before the season,” he showed composure.

In the NC Dinos game, which was the first appearance of the demonstration game, it was 2 innings, 5 hits (1 home run) and 2 runs. Lee Min-ho said, “At that time, I hit a home run and it was worse than today, but I struck out with a curveball and the opponent hitters couldn’t cope easily.” He advised me to come into the zone.”

It was the first confrontation with Yoo Kang-nam. Lee Min-ho laughed, “Meeting the older brother I used to play with as the opposing team, and the older hyung who was originally receiving my ball hit my ball on the opposing team. It felt a bit strange. It’s still an exhibition match, so I don’t think we’re 100% compatible with each other.”

He said, “I think I’m better than last year. I want to eat a lot of innings this year.”

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