Italy’s Serie A Napoli ended their 11-game winning streak by losing to Inter Milan. Although the team was defeated, Kim Min-jae played an active role, blocking Inter Milan’s monster striker with the appearance of a top-notch defender. This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.


Even after the Qatar World Cup break, Kim Min-jae’s ‘iron wall defense’ ability was still the same.

Romelo Lukaku, a 191cm tall 103kg striker, was helpless in front of Kim Min-jae.

He blocked the penetrating Lukaku with a rough physical fight and

erased Lukaku’s shooting angle with aggressive movements.

Lukaku, who started and played 64 minutes, had only one shot. 토토사이트

Martinez, who replaced Lukaku in the second half, also failed to cross Min-jae Kim’s wall, proving once again that Min-jae Kim is a ‘top-notch defender’.

According to, a statistics site, Kim Min-jae recorded 101 touches on the ball as well as 3 tackles and 3 kicks, the most in the team.

Kim Min-jae, who added great strength to both defense and build-up, received a rating of 6.8, the highest in the team.

But the hole was Kim Min-jae’s partner, Rahmani.

In the 11th minute of the second half, when Rahmani was careless, Dzeko headed a cross from the left flank to score the opening goal.

Napoli, who failed to pursue due to the continued silence of the attacking team, suffered a 0-1 defeat to Inter Milan.

The defeat also ended Napoli’s 15-game unbeaten record since opening and 11 consecutive league wins, the club’s most.

This is Yonhap News TV Cho Sung-heum.