Incheon United, which was on the rise by advancing to the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Champions League stage for the first time in its founding, started leading soccer. 

However, two regrettable mistakes led to the opening game defeat. 

Incheon lost 1-2 in the opening round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 ‘Gyeongin Derby’ against FC Seoul held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 25th. 

In the 29th minute in the first half, Im Sang-hyeop and in the 25th minute in the second half by Kim Joo-seong, Incheon conceded consecutive points.

Incheon, which was dominant with 2 wins and 3 draws in the last 5 games of the Gyeongin Derby, missed the good flow by losing in this expedition. In addition, we lost the first game of the season and started the season in a disappointing mood. 

Incheon aimed to strengthen its power by adding new resources to what it was good at. Throughout the air and defense, they recruited big names such as Zerso, Mpoku, and Shin Jin-ho to strengthen their strength. 

Zerso focused on making the threatening attack scene he showed during his Jeju days, and Mpoku also stood out in the scene of continuing the flow while defending the ball in the attacking camp, regardless of left or right. 

Jerso recorded the most shots 4 times with Im Sang-hyup that day, and Kim Bo-seop, who started the attack together, also recorded 4 times. Incheon had a total of 17 shots, and only 5 of them were effective, and most of them missed the goal or were blocked by the defense. 

Most of all, it was impressive that Incheon attacked with an advantage over Seoul. On this day, Incheon had 61.9% and Seoul 38.1%, and Incheon completely led the game in the second half. 

Shin Jin-ho was definitely at the center of this. He succeeded in passing 99 times that day, the highest record for both teams, and the success rate was 91%, which was the second highest after Ki Sung-yong (95%) and Osmar (93%).

It was found that the ball that came into Shin Jin-ho was mainly directed at Lee Myung-joo, Mpoku, and Kim Bo-seop, serving as the starting point of the attack. 

This is distinctly different from the last 2022 season. Looking at the 2022 season technical report, the average number of passes per sequence in Incheon is 3.5 times, and the average straight distance movement is only 21m. This means that incheon has not shown the advantage in build-up.

The team’s share was 44.1%, ranking 8th out of 12 teams. Seoul is the team with the highest share in the league with 61.9%, higher than last season’s champion Ulsan (60.5%). 

However, Incheon showed a different appearance right from the first game after signing Shin Jin-ho, and took an advantage over Seoul in the number of passes and also showed an advantage in possession.  스포츠토토

However, Incheon, which played soccer through possession, became a critical blow for each mistake. Looking at the conceding scene, an accidental mistake in the opponent’s pressure situation led to the conceding.

Prior to the scoring scene of the clinical consultation, Shin Jin-ho’s sudden pass miss and Kim Joo-sung’s scoring scene did not pay attention to the goal defense as goalkeeper Kim Dong-heon stepped forward to handle the ball and took turns. 

Although he did not play, two mistakes led to fatal blows and left a big lesson for Incheon, which is preparing for the league as well as the upcoming summer AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Champions League. 

Coach Cho Seong-hwan said, “The response to the opponent’s forward pressure was insufficient. As mistakes came out, there was regret in the conceding scene.” . 

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