It is the new year of the year of the cat. This is the time to make a firm commitment to “I will perform well on the field this year.” He ambitiously registers a golf driving range and starts lessons by investing a large amount of money. However, if you take the wrong direction, you won’t get the results you put in as much as you put in effort. Golf Digest, an American golf media outlet, recently unveiled a way to become a smarter golfer in 2023 without correcting your swing.

First is the foundation work. You need to build the body you need to play golf. Make a game plan. Golf Digest advised, “If you are seriously thinking about improving your golf skills this year, you should check your overall body condition.” “First, ask your coach or trainer about weak or flexible body parts.” “If you don’t have the right person to help you, you can refer to the online golf training program,” he said. “It can improve your swing without much thought.”

Next check the statistics. If you don’t know what to fix, it’s difficult to give you an accurate prescription. These days, many applications (APPs) that analyze swing data have been released. It tells you swing speed, launch angle, ball quality, and distance. Golf Digest explained, “If you look at the figures related to fairways and greens, you can see what is lacking,” and “there are areas that need more effort.” Installing a launch monitor in your home can help a lot.

Also make a practice plan. Weekend golfers do not have enough time to invest in golf. Because work comes first. You have to use the given circumstances well. It is necessary to develop your strengths and at the same time fill in your weaknesses 메이저놀이터. Golf Digest emphasized, “If you miss a lot of strokes on the wedge, invest a little more in practicing your wedge shot,” and “you will see the effect.”

Also increase swing speed. Just training for a long time doesn’t make your swing faster. Invest in putting training. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your golf skills in winter. Just like the tour players, you can use the putting mirror.

Excessive greed can be ‘poison’. It is also necessary to lower your expectations of your golf skills. If you are too greedy, you will be disappointed. Golf Digest advised, “Remember that golf is a really difficult game,” and “If you get frustrated often, you may lose interest in golf.”

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