The date of Woori Bank’s victory has been revealed more clearly. Currently, the earliest date is the 13th.

Asan Woori Bank is in first place with 19 wins and 4 losses. It is 5.5 games ahead of second place Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. Woori Bank’s magic number is 2. If you add 2 more wins, you will lift the regular league championship trophy on your own.

Normally, the magic number decreases by one when the first place wins or the second place loses.

BNK, who was in second place, lost 73-78 to Samsung Life Insurance on the 8th, but Woori Bank’s magic number did not decrease from 2.

There is a reason. First of all, as a result of the game on the 8th, BNK, which was in second place, fell to third place, and Samsung Life Insurance rose to second place. BNK is losing 4 matches to Woori Bank, but Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank won twice with 2 wins and 3 losses in the face-to-face confrontation with Woori Bank.

As a result, BNK is unconditionally inferior to Woori Bank in terms of opponents, but Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank can gain an advantage by tying their opponents in the remaining 6 rounds of head-to-head matches and then calculating the goal loss ratio.

Due to the difference in relative record, Woori Bank takes the top ranking unconditionally when it is tied with BNK in the final score, but is not guaranteed a top ranking if it is tied with Samsung Life Insurance or Shinhan Bank.

On the 9th, Shinhan Bank and Cheongju KB will face off. Shinhan Bank is currently enjoying a 3-game winning streak, and KB is not at its normal level due to a large power loss due to Park Ji-soo’s injury. Shinhan Bank leads KB with 3 wins and 1 loss in head-to-head matches this season.

Shinhan Bank is highly likely to win.

If Shinhan Bank beats KB, Shinhan Bank will be tied for second place with Samsung Life Insurance.

In this case, Woori Bank’s magic number is reduced by 1 only when Shinhan Bank and Samsung Life Insurance lose together.

Woori Bank cannot reduce its magic number immediately by losing second place. You have to win on your own and approach the championship.

Woori Bank faces Bucheon HanawonQ on the 10th and BNK on the 13th. If both of these games are won, Woori Bank will confirm the championship without worrying about the complicated competition for second place. 슬롯사이트

If KB beats Shinhan Bank, the story will be different. At this time, if Woori Bank beats Hana One Q on the 10th and Samsung Life Insurance, which is second only on the 12th, loses to Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank wins regardless of the remaining 6 games.

The most likely winning date for Woori Bank is the 13th. If you can’t do it on this day, it could be pushed back to the 16th. Even if it’s very small, you can get the news of the victory confirmed while preparing for the match against BNK in Busan on the 12th.

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