He got the FA qualification for the first time in his debut and entered the market confidently, but faced the cold reality. Left-hander Kang Ri-ho (formerly known as Kang Yun-gu), who lost his free agency, expressed his desire to pitch long innings even if he went to baseball as a member of society to achieve his dream of becoming a starting pitcher. 

On the 3rd, Kang Ri-ho said through his Instagram live, “This is the first time I’m talking about it, but sometimes I dream of becoming a starting pitcher and throwing 6-7 innings. Originally, it was my dream to be a starting pitcher, and I wanted to become a star as a starting pitcher.” put 

He added, “After dreaming of throwing long innings, I thought I had improved that much, but I realized that it was a dream. 

This was not the first time he had decided to retire. He said, “The hardest thing was when I told my parents that I would quit baseball three years ago. At that time, my parents said, ‘Please try one more year and then quit’, so I did it again.”  메이저놀이터

The reason why I decided to take off my professional uniform was because of one word from my parents. He said, “The decisive reason I decided to come out of the pro was because my parents said, ‘Stop it now. 

Kang Ri-ho said, “These days, I express it as an ‘unbreakable heart’, but my heart seems to be too broken. I have to quit baseball someday, but I think the time has come quickly.” 

I have no regrets because I worked harder than anyone else. He confidently said, “I can call all my colleagues, coaches, coaches, and trainers I’ve been with and confidently say that I worked really hard.” 

Also, “I told general manager Seong Min-gyu, ‘I will quit if I become a FA loser,’ and even though I worked so hard, I didn’t get any results, so I have no regrets. I started to think that it wasn’t,” he said. 

Just because he left the professional stage didn’t mean he wouldn’t be on the mound anymore. He said, “I want to play as a starting pitcher even if I go to social baseball, even if the skills I have accumulated on the mound are too wasteful and unfair. How I learned the slider, changeup, and curveball.

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