The New York Knicks (hereinafter referred to as New York) and the Golden State Warriors (hereinafter referred to as Golden State) will continue their respective conference semifinal series.

The two teams defeated the Miami Heat and the LA Lakers, respectively, in the second round of the NBA (American Professional Basketball) playoffs held on the morning of the 11th (Korean time). With the victory on this day, the two teams enter the sixth game with a series score of 2 wins and 3 losses.

First, New York gave Miami the first quarter due to the sluggishness of Julius Randle, but turned the charter around with great success 토스카지노 by Jaylen Brunson and RJ Barrett. Here, thanks to the even performance of the main players, including Quentin Grimes, Randle, and Mitchell Robinson, they defeated Miami 112-103.

In particular, Brunson, who pierced the blood of the team that was blocked in the attack, played for 48 minutes with Grimes, harassing Miami. Subsequently, RJ Barrett, Randall, and Robinson also hit Miami’s paint zone with amazing free throw concentration. In addition, as Brunson added 4, Randle 4, Barrett 3 and Grimes also added 2 3-pointers, the outside grapes, which were not good throughout the series, poured like a flood.

Then, the Golden State Warriors took down the Lakers thanks to the resurgence of Andrew Wiggins, Gary Payton Jr. and Draymond Green, who showed off their greatness last season.

Green led Golden State’s offense with aggressive scoring early in the game. Then, at the beginning of the 4th quarter, Peyton II and Wiggins succeeded in scoring, putting cold water on Anthony Davis’ chase at the beginning of the 4th quarter. They, along with Stephen Curry, smashed the opposing small lineup of Dennis Schroeder, D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reeves, Ronnie Walker IV, and LeBron James, who faced after Davis suffered a concussion. Accordingly, Golden State easily defeated the Lakers by 121-106, 15 points.

Meanwhile, the two teams who won the match will play the 6th game, equivalent to an elimination (ground elimination) game, on the 13th at Kaseya Center, the home stadium of Miami, and Arena, the home stadium of the Lakers.

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