The Hyundai Glovis Rugby Team, led by ‘Fiji Mountain Monster’ Imoshi Lavati (20, registered name Lee Mo-si), won the 2023 Korea Super Rugby League 2nd championship after 3 years.

Hyundai Glovis defeated the Armed Forces Athletic Corps 54-5 in the third round of the tournament held at Incheon Namdong Asia Drug Stadium on the 20th. In the first and second rounds, Hyundai Glovis defeated Korea University by 58-6 and OK Financial Group’s Itsman Rugby Team by 24-21, and rose to the top with a three-game victory. This is the fourth championship trophy (2018, 19, 20) of Hyundai Glovis, founded in 2015.

Mosi Lee, a foreign player from Fiji of Hyundai Glovis, flew wildly. It is a forward position where physical fighting and tackling are the main weapons. Imoshi, a giant with a height of 1m90cm and a weight of 110kg, is a ‘object of fear’ to opponents because of his terrifying power as well as explosive speed. Mosi Lee, who came to Korea in December 2019 at the age of 16, joined Hyundai Glovis this year after passing through the rugby club at Seoul Sadaebu High School.

Imoshi’s hometown, Fiji, is the strongest country in rugby. Fiji, a small country made up of 330 islands in Oceania, has a population of 890,000. However, Fiji won gold medals in rugby (sevens) at the 2016 Rio Olympics and Tokyo Olympics one after another. In the 1st and 2nd league competitions, which introduced a foreign player system from this year, a total of 7 foreign players, including Lee Mo-si, are on the ground in 3 teams, including Hyundai Glovis, POSCO E&C, and the Thinman Rugby Team.스포츠토토

Hyundai Glovis praised Lee, “Lee Mo-si showed explosive speed and performance based on a solid physique, and played a big role in helping the team win the championship in 3 years.” On that day, the Thinman rugby team led by Korean-Japanese coach Oh Young-gil also defeated Korea University 76-12 and enjoyed the thrill of their first victory since its foundation in March.

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