In the K League 1, Gangwon beat Jeonbuk in enemy territory to climb out of last place.

Kangwon’s Kim Dae-won shows us how to score goals in the pouring rain.

The soccer field is about to become a sea of water.

The ball is stopped by the water, but he still manages to send in an exquisite cross.

Kim Dae-won picks up the ball and hits a right-footed shot that hits the leg of the Jeonbuk defense and goes into the goal.카지노

You can barely see where it deflected and went in, but this is how Kangwon’s wedge goal came out.

Let’s take a look at the view from the water at the end of the game.

Jeonbuk players were pushing water out of the grass to see where the penalty kick was going to be taken, and Kangwon won 3-1 to get out of last place.

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