“I can’t be satisfied with one win, but if you see hope…”

These were the words of Kim Doo-hyun, head coach of Jeonbuk Hyundai. Jeonbuk added 3 precious points in the away game. Jeonbuk won 2-0 with consecutive goals from Song Min-gyu and Han Kyo-won in the 8th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 against Jeju United held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 23rd. Jeonbuk overcame the previous loss against Suwon FC and took their 3rd win (1 draw and 4 losses) of the season. With 10 points, he immediately jumped to 7th place. It is also Jeonbuk’s first away win this season. 10,041 spectators visited the Jeju World Cup Stadium. It was the largest crowd in Jeju this season.

Coach Kim Sang-sik was sent off during the game that day, and coach Kim held an official press conference instead. Coach Kim said, “I melted into the field well as I prepared. I think I won with better performance than my opponent.” Regarding the situation of manager Kim’s exit, he said, “I don’t know exactly. The manager was excited. We don’t know either.”

Song Min-gyu held a big ceremony after scoring that day.스포츠토토 Coach Kim said, “I haven’t talked about that part. I showed a lot of will to do it in this game. Our situation was difficult, so we became one, and even though we were sent off, we united as one team. Song Min-gyu is also a player with a sense of responsibility and attachment. . I think I played a good game.”

In the next game, coach Kim can’t sit on the bench, so coach Kim has to lead the game. Coach Kim said, “Every game is the final. I try to do my best on the pitch. We want to make sure the fans can play what they want.”

What do you think of coach Kim’s thoughts when he sees Jeon Ju-seong’s booing at coach Kim? “My heart hurts so much. He came to Jeonbuk and achieved a lot and gave a lot to the fans. Every time I hear booing in the current situation, my heart hurts so much. I know that the fans are disappointed and angry because we are not doing well right now. I’m working harder to resolve it. If you wait a little longer and support me, all the players will do their best. I’ll do my best to find my old self.”

He finally said, “I can’t give you satisfaction with one win. However, I hope you can see hope. I hope that the fans and our team can become one and have a laugh. I hope the coach will support us and overcome the difficult situation together.” said

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