Gwangju FC ‘vice-captain’ Sandro conveyed his aspirations for the new season.

Gwangju appointed the first foreign vice-captain in the club’s history for the 2023 season, which returns to K-League 1. Sandro, who joined the team in the middle of last season and led Gwangju’s run and promotion in the second half with a different level of play, is the main character.

As the foreign player quota increased this season, the role of the ‘Foreign Legion’ became more important, and Sandro’s role and responsibility became more important. Sandro said, “I’ve never been captain or vice-captain, but I’m happy to play an important role. My goal is Gwangju FC’s goal. This year, I’ll work harder and do better. I’m not here to play for a while. I’ll always fight, annoying my opponent I will make sure that Gwangju makes good history.”

The following is a Q&A with Sandro.

Q. You became the first foreign vice-captain in the history of Gwangju FC.

“I’ve never been captain or vice-captain before, so I was very happy. I’ll do my best as vice-captain so that I can help the team in any way.”

Q. What director Lee Jung-hyo ordered?

“There was no special order, but he told me to help foreign players, lead them well, and act as a middle bridge.”

Q. Five foreign players of different nationalities and languages ​​are playing together. How is it?

“I’m not good at English, but I’m trying to communicate with a little bit of understanding, and I’m trying to talk to Thomas, who speaks 5 languages, so that we can get a little closer to each other. Also, we create an atmosphere so that we can feel good during training. in progress.”

Q. I heard that you invited new foreign players to your house.

“When the season starts, I don’t think I will have time, so I invited the players and treated them to Brazilian food with my wife. Last year I didn’t have the opportunity, but this year I want to invite not only foreign players but also Korean players to have dinner together.”

Q. Coach Lee Jung-hyo said that he takes good care of young players.

“I like the unity of the players. I try to take care of the young players as well as the senior players. It’s not something I want to show off to anyone, it’s a part that comes out naturally. At the same time, I focus on the training ground and joke around to raise the mood. Original personality This is so.”

Q. What kind of player is captain Ahn Young-gyu?

“He took really good care of me and made me feel like home. From the first time we met, it felt like we were connected. It will be part of it. If there is something I need to talk about, I will speak up and act as vice-captain while keeping the line.”

Q. You joined in the middle of last season. How would you rate the first season?

“When I first arrived, I didn’t feel much of a difference in culture and people. Instead, it was difficult to adapt to the Korean soccer style. After about a month of adapting, I got comfortable. It’s a pity that I can’t speak English very well. I can speak English and Korean a little better. I thought it would have been easier to have a conversation with.”


“The fast tempo and the physical part were difficult. When I was in Europe, I moved dynamically, exchanging a lot of passes, but here it felt like alternating between attack and defense. Moving quickly helps a lot. I liked the new soccer because I enjoyed it. The part that annoys the opposing players is fun.”

Q. You had no luck in the beginning after joining the team.

“There were a lot of cases where I didn’t have good luck when I first started playing soccer. If I had all the luck, it would have been difficult to be here this year (laughs). I want to go in all at once.” 

Q. The day you switched from number 9 to number 91, you posted your first attack point. What does number 91 mean?

“I wore number 91 for 6 years. There is a word about protection in Psalm 91 in the Bible, but it really touched me so I am wearing number 91. I changed my back number because I felt like I was naked. It was good, and I recorded help. I think I can’t help but feel about number 91. Of course, I got used to the period of wearing number 9, and I think I got good results because everything matched well, such as understanding what the coach wanted. ” 토토사이트

Q. Who is the best colleague?

“Ha Seung-woon and Um Ji-seong. I can feel what they’re going to do when I see them. I really get along well with Park Han-bin. Even if I don’t speak, I can tell just by looking at them. Park Han-bin is the player who predicts my movements and does the best for them.” 

Q. Director Lee Jeong-hyo always orders what he thinks about. How did you feel about working with the new coach?

“The part of giving homework is because the player knows how far he can go. And he wants the team and the players to do well. I really like that part. He treats me like a big brother or uncle.”

Q. You play at a higher level this season. What kind of image do you want to show?

“I joined late last year, and although it was a short period of time, I think I showed what kind of player I am and what kind of play I play. My goal is Gwangju FC’s goal. This year, I work harder,

Q. Coach Lee Jeong-hyo talks about an ‘annoying team’. What kind of team is Gwangju?

“There are a lot of good people, and they guided me well. The most important thing is a family atmosphere. It will definitely be an annoying team (to the opponent) and an obstacle to many teams. “Last year, I felt that my opponent felt pressured by me, but I want to do the same this year. What I can promise is that I will become a striker who becomes a nightmare for the opponent’s defenders. I hope Gwangju will make a good history in the K League 1.” I will do that.”

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