Busan I’Park will play the first two games away. The home opener will be held in the third round due to the home field lawn repair work. Manager Park Jin-seop hoped that the home stadium’s lawn would improve.

Busan I’Park will play the opening match of the first round of ‘Hana 1 Q K-League 2023’ in Cheonan. Afterwards, we will continue the schedule for the second round with Chungbuk Cheongju in Cheongju. In the third round, Kim Cheon will be invited to the home for a home opening match.

The situation is the same as last season. However, in 2022, since BTS concerts were held at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium, more lawn maintenance work is needed. Although the 2023 season has begun, this is why we play round 3 at home. According to officials, around March 18, you can take advantage of the best turf condition.

Manager Park Jin-seop hoped that the Busan home stadium would be improved with better grass. When asked about the lawn repair work, he said, “After the season started, I was told that we couldn’t play the early games at home due to stadium conditions. I do,” he replied.

He even said, “I’m honestly worried.” However, he demanded improvement of high-quality grass, saying, “The city of Busan must be aware of this. I hope the players can create a good environment so that they can do better.” 바카라사이트

I’m not trying to blame everything on the grass. Foreign striker recruitment has been sluggish, but other things are steadily preparing. Excluding the foreign striker, the rest of the positions have been reinforced. It is said that the players were also quite satisfied with coach Park Jin-seop’s tactics during the Thailand field training.

Park Jong-woo said, “It is true that good performance comes from good grass. I agree with the coach. But we have to win. Other teams are in the same environment, so we will focus on winning.” .

Recently, K-League 1 has also suffered from a grass problem. Veteran players are raising their voices, saying, “The condition of the grass is directly related to good performance.” How to maintain and supply good grass to improve the overall performance of the K-League remains a task for clubs and local governments.

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