Seoul SK ‘Flying Gilas’ lens Abando alert has been issued.

SK will play the 2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship against Anyang KGC. Reunion after the last 2021-22 season. This time the position is completely different.

Last season, SK waited for KGC with the title of No. 1 in the regular season. This time, they marched undefeated from the 6th to the 4th round and ran to the front of KGC, the wire-to-wire 1st place.

The biggest variable in this series is Abando. SK and KGC have already been through the regular league and the playoffs, and have been able to figure out their strength to some extent. However, in the case of Abando, there are too many variables.스포츠토토

Abando recorded 20.4 points, 4.0 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.0 blocked shots in an average of 31 minutes and 40 seconds in 5 matches against SK in the regular league match. It is the best record among 9 clubs excluding KGC.

In fact, Abando barely played in the semi-final playoff against Carrot, Goyang. During the four games, the average was 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Even in the regular league, he didn’t play much against Carrot. It’s not that he wasn’t in good shape. He saved the card as much as possible because it just didn’t match well.

KGC coach Kim Sang-shik said before the championship match against SK that he would actively use Abando. Byun Jun-hyung also picked Abando as a hidden card. If so, SK needs thorough preparation. What kind of plan does director Jeon Heechul have?

Coach Jeon mentioned Abando at the media day of the championship match held at the KBL Center on the 23rd. He said, “If you look back on the regular season, can you? I have memories of doing it. ‘Shall we do well today?’ ‘also?’ I kept thinking like this,” he said. I have no intention of changing the big picture, but I will try to stop it.”

Abando is a player who can bring more than just records in this series. Because he is such a flashy and explosive player, he can be a weapon that can upset the balance itself in the championship match, where fighting the atmosphere is important.

Conversely, if Abando is blocked, it will not be easy for KGC to lead the game in the direction they want. It is because the fact that the best weapon that has been active in the SK match so far is blocked will have a big adverse effect.

Director Jeon also said, “The thing that worries Abando is that he has been good to us and is splendid. It will be a very important key in the atmosphere fight,” he said. “We were weak against Lee Kwan-hee in the regular league. But didn’t you stop it well in the 4th river? Just like I caught Lee Kwan-hee, I will catch Abando in the championship match.”

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