I waited 5 years to embrace the world’s best player, Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain). Has that time come now?

Inter Miami of the US Major League Soccer (MLS) is seeking to sign Messi. Inter Miami was founded in 2018. This club dreamed of recruiting Messi at the same time as it was founded, and was in constant contact. An analysis has emerged that the time has come for the five-year wait to bear fruit.

Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires at the end of this season. He is negotiating with the club to renew his contract, but dissonance is emerging here and there. The analysis that Messi will leave Paris Saint-Germain is getting stronger.

In this situation, Britain’s ‘The Sun’ published an article titled ‘Inter Miami Confident in Messi Recruitment’.

The media said, ‘Messi has dissatisfaction with Paris Saint-Germain, and Inter Miami is confident to persuade Messi because he peaked his career by winning the World Cup. At the end of this season, it was reported that Inter Miami will actively move.” 온라인바카라

At the center of it is owner David Beckham. ‘The Sun’ said, “Beckham may finally land Messi at Inter Miami. Beckham promised Miami fans the gift of a superstar. He tried 5 years. It will be MLS’ biggest contract ever. “Without a doubt, Messi will be the highest paid player in league history.”

Beckham once said, “Every team has a wish list. We will see superstars like Messi and Ronaldo in America. Nobody knows what will happen in football.”

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