“Personally, I think K-League 2 is almost similar to K-League 1 except for one or two teams. All teams are similar, so we have to prepare well in this jungle-like place and survive. I’ll do it,” said

Park Nam-yeol, coach of Cheonan City FC, who became a professional team for the first time this season.

Cheonan City FC held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at the Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island at 2:00 pm on the 8th.

Cheonan turned professional ahead of this season. Cheonan, which took its first steps in the National League as a Cheonan City soccer team in the past, hovered around the middle ranks and then ranked 3rd from 2017 to 2019, announcing the beginning of a rebound.

In 2020, he ranked 11th in the K3 League, which was integrated with the National League, but the following year, under the guidance of coach Kim Tae-young, he achieved first place in the regular league. Although he was caught in the championship by Gimpo and failed to achieve a unified victory, it became the trigger for the club’s leap forward.

Last season had some difficulties. We said goodbye to manager Kim Tae-young in the middle, and finished the season in 10th place as key resources left. However, apart from this, he has been steadily preparing for professionalization at the club level, and eventually, ahead of this season, he will succeed in becoming professional with the approval of the Korea Professional Football Federation and participate in K-League 2.

Just as Cheonan is a new team, coach Park Nam-yeol is also the first professional coach. Coach Park, who was active as a player in Seongnam in the past, led the women’s business team, Goyang Bridge, and the Korean women’s national team. And he became the manager of the men’s professional team for the first time this season after going through the coaching position of Changwon City Hall.

Coach Park Nam-yeol, who was in charge of a professional team for the first time in his life, already knew that K-League 2 was a formidable league. Even so, he promised to play aggressive football. Coach Park said, “It’s my personal opinion, but in K League 2, compared to K League 1, all teams are similar, so we have to prepare well in this jungle-like place. Most of us play counterattack soccer after player defense, but we will play aggressive soccer.” threw

Commitment ahead of

the season First of all, I am looking forward to how well we prepared. As this is my first time as a manager, I have prepared well with the players. It seems to be a test bed for me.

The plan is to play football centered around the tactical style

passing football build-up. I don’t know if it will go well or not yet, but I’m preparing for Thailand and Jeju with an emphasis on that part.

The reason for entrusting the claim to Kim Joo-heon is

sincere. And he was appointed as his captain because he thought he was a player who could share his experience with younger players.

He is from Seongnam Legend. Now that I am facing Seongnam,

I have a new feeling. What I wanted was to coach in Seongnam. After coaching women’s soccer for a long time, I moved over to men’s soccer, and after living as a coach, I’m now in charge of coaching for the first time. Meeting Seongnam is a new feeling. But a match is a match, so I want to show what I have prepared as a coach.

The battery training

was conducted in Thailand with 70% and 80% preparation. In Thailand, I focused on preparing physically and tactically, and in Jeju, I am preparing the best lineup through the final trimming and covering the boulders. Athletes are competing now. I’m trying to make a list of the best among them.

Chungbuk Cheongju FC head coach Choi Yoon-gyeom picked Cheonan City FC as his rival.

It could be because it’s the same area. But my rivals are all 12 teams competing together.

Kim Chang-soo is a playing coach,

and he values ​​experience and hopes to pass on his know-how to younger players. If such know-how melts into young players, I think there will be a synergistic effect.

The goal for the season

is a single-digit ranking. Also, I think it should be ranked higher than the regional team (Chungbuk Cheongju FC). I think we can achieve even higher if we are ambitious.

Will the rivalry with Gimpo

continue in the K3 League? In the 2020 K3 League, they lost to Gimpo and failed to win, and last season, Gimpo first entered the professional league. Now we meet again in K-League 2, and I think we should rank higher than Gimpo. 슬롯사이트

How do you plan to attract crowds?

I think that if you play good football, the crowd will follow you. I will try harder for this.

Players expected to be recruited If the

22-year-old left and right backs do well, I think that if Kim Chang-soo helps more, there will be a synergistic effect. I joined late, but Damir is the key player, so if I do well for that, I think the rankings will rise a little more.

She went through women’s soccer and lower league coaching. Will previous experience help?

came a long way I prepared a lot. Women’s soccer is different from men’s soccer. Women’s soccer requires precision, and men’s soccer requires power, and I studied hard. In addition, coaching women’s soccer was more helpful and learned a lot in terms of communication.

Outsiders are important for pros, and if we evaluate the potential of outsiders,

Damir has a competitive edge because he has played for Suwon Samsung. However, in the case of Motta and Hodouf, I have not experienced K-League 2, so I am not sure yet. But I think there are plenty of possibilities.

The part that was emphasized in the process of ‘covering the boulder’

was said to have confidence. In addition, in terms of play style, he emphasized linkage or detailed play that can be played with colleagues rather than individual play.

How do you view part 2? Part

1 is said to be the 3rd and 4th rounds, but personally, I think that the 2nd part is almost the same except for one team or two. All teams are similar, so prepare well in this jungle-like place. Also, the style of the teams in the 2nd division is to play hard, have a fighting spirit, and play a lot of counterattacks after player defense rather than attacking soccer to avoid losing. That’s why we have to adapt to that style and we will play attacking football.

Offensive football

If other teams use counterattacks after players’ defenses, we try to play aggressive football through build-up and forward pressure.

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