Korean figure skating leader Cha Jun-hwan (22, Korea University) won the university gold medal at the 104th National Winter Sports Festival.

Cha Jun-hwan scored a total of 181.23 points with a technical score (TES) of 89.42 points and a arts score (PCS) of 91.81 points in the figure skating men’s college single group A free skating held at the indoor ice rink in Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi-do on the 19th.

Cha Jun-hwan, who added the 100.70 points received in the short program the day before and scored a final total of 281.93 points, rose to the top with 243.84 points, far ahead of Lee Si-hyeong (23, Korea University), who ranked second.

Cha Jun-hwan, who started the game according to the original soundtrack of the movie 007 James Bond series ‘No Time To Die’, perfectly jumped the first jump, the quadruple salcho, but tried the quadruple toe loop in the subsequent jump element, and ended up with 2 I made the mistake of handling rotation.

Still, Cha Jun-hwan did not panic and performed the triple lutz-triple loop combination jump neatly, and even proceeded to the triple flip jump without any mistakes.

After the Flying Camel Spin (Level 4) and the Step Sequence (Level 3), the second half began with additional points. Cha Jun-hwan perfectly jumped up to the triple axel followed by the triple axel-double axel jump. In Triple Lutz-Single Oiler-Triple Salchow, the number of jump rotations was less than 90 degrees, and the quarter landing judgment was deducted from the performance score (GOE). 온라인바카라

However, Cha Jun-hwan finished the match after performing the remaining non-jump elements, a change foot combination spin (level 4), a flying change foot combination spin (level 2), and a choreo sequence (level 1).

In the women’s university division, Kim Ye-rim (Dankook University), silver medalist at the Four Continents Championships, won the championship. Kim Ye-rim, who received 68.48 points in the short program the previous day, scored 134.61 points in the free skating, winning the gold medal with a total of 203.09 points.

In the women’s high school division, Kim Chae-yeon (Surigo) won the championship with a total score of 212.09. Wi Seo-yeong (Suri High School) won the silver medal with 202.49 points, and Kim Min-chae (Shin Jeong-go) won the bronze medal with 199.58 points.

Lee Hae-in (Sehwa Girls’ High School), who won the first gold medal at the Four Continents Championships since Kim Yu-na (retired), finished fourth with a total score of 193.23.

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