‘2023 Taebaek Mountain Cup National 3-Cushion’ Finalist Kim Ha-eun won 25:13 with an
explosive attack and won two consecutive championships following last year
Park Jung-hyun “3 more wins this year”… Tied for 3rd place Kim Do-
kyung and Kim So-won Men’s Quarterfinals Kim Haeng-jik-Kim Dong-hoon, Jo Myung-woo-Kang Ja-in, Heo Jeong-han-Jeon Seong-il, Jeong Ye-seong-Cha Myeong-jong

1st and 2nd place Han Ji-eun and Jang Ga-yeon left at once, but the heat of the tournament was still hot, and a new powerhouse brilliantly filled the vacancy.

In the women’s final of the ‘2023 Taebaek San Cup National 3-Cushion Billiards Competition’ held at Gowon Gymnasium in Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do on the 5th, Park Jung-hyun (18, Jeonnam Billiards Federation) defeated 크크크벳 Kim Ha-eun (17, Seoul Billiards Federation) with 25:13 (29 innings) to reach the top. went up Park Jung-Hyeon, who won the championship by defeating Han Ji-Eun (semi-final) and Kim Ha-Eun (final) in October last year, defeated Kim Ha-Eun in the final to win the championship. In particular, Park Jung-hyun showed explosive offensive power with an average of 0.9 points in 6 games in this tournament, and announced the birth of a new star in her women’s 3 cushion. Kim Do-gyeong (Daegu billiards federation) and Kim So-won (Seongilbo High School) tied for third place in the women’s division.

The men’s 3rd cushion was narrowed down to a quarterfinal matchup between Haengjik Kim and Donghun Kim, Myeongwoo Cho and Jain Kang, Jeonghan Heo and Seongil Jeon, and Yeseong Jeong and Myeongjong Cha.

◆Park Jung-hyun won the championship with an average average of 0.931 in 6 games… Women’s 3-Cushion ‘Birth of a New Star’

A total of 29 players participated in the women’s division of this tournament. High school students such as Chae Seung-eun (Incheon Girls’ High School Seolbangtong High School) and Kim So-won (Seongil Information High School), Heo Chae-won (Hanchesi University), Park Se-jeong Choi Bom, Lee Chae-hyeon (Soongsil University) and Park Min-seo (Nambu University) were also present. The preliminary round was held as a group stage, and from the round of 16, the tournament was held.

The finals were tight until halfway through. Park Jung-Hyun was dragged 5:8 until the first 10 innings, but succeeded in scoring 4 runs in the 14th inning and reversed the score to 9:8. Park Jung-Hyun led by 10:9 until the 17th inning, but allowed the pursuit in the 18th inning and tied the score at 11:11. Park Jung-hyun scored 2 runs in the 20th inning and finished the first half with a lead of 13:11.

Entering the second half, the atmosphere leaned toward Park Jung-hyun. Park Jung-Hyun scored a high run of 5 runs in the 21st inning and went out with a score of 18:11. Even after that, in the 27th inning, he led with 23:12, virtually solidifying his victory. Park Jung-Hyun filled the remaining 2 points in the 29th inning and ended the game with 25:13.

Park Jung-hyun, who was active in the past in the pocket ball, competed in 3 cushions from the ‘8th Yanggu National Territory Central Cup’ in 2020. Park Jung-Hyun later reached the top of the national championship for the first time in this competition last year after participating in the general division four times, and again held the championship trophy in this competition.

Park Jung-hyun played 6 games in this tournament and recorded an average average of 0.931 (135 points/15 innings). Among them, her score was above 1 point three times. In particular, in the match against Hong Seon-hee in the preliminaries group stage, he won 20:9 in just 13 innings, recording the highest average of 1.538.

After winning the championship, Park Jung-hyun said, “This tournament was very meaningful as it was a tournament that I prepared more for. When the championship was confirmed, I was momentarily moved to tears as I remembered the times I had practiced hard.” “I want to work hard and win at least three more national championships this year,” he said.

◆’Aver 2 points’ Cho Myung-woo, Ye-seong Jeong, strong quarterfinalist… Kim Haeng-jik Heo Jeong-han Cha Myeong-jong Kim Dong-

hoon Jeon Seong-il joined Men’s 3rd Cushion Round of 16 Jo Myung-woo (2nd, Silk Road CNT, Seoul City Hall) with an average of 2 points, Ye-seong Jeong (13th, Seoul Billiards Federation) Kang Ja-in (11th, Chungnam) Athletic Association), Haengjik Kim (1st place in Korea, Jeonnam Billiards Federation) Jeonghan Heo (3rd place, South Gyeongsang Billiards Federation) Donghun Kim (Seoul Billiards Federation) Myeongjong Cha (Incheon Sports Association) Seongil Jeon (Gwangmyeong Billiards Federation) advanced to the quarterfinals. .

Accordingly, the quarterfinals to be held on the 6th will be held with Haengjik Kim, Donghoon Kim, Jain Kang, Junghan Heo, Jeonghan Jeon, Yeseong Jeong, and Myeongjong Cha.

In the round of 16, Jo Jo-yeon (19th, Ansan City Sports Association) defeated Jo Jo-yeon 40:31 (19 innings). Jo Myung-woo was dragged to 15:19 until the 8th inning, but after that, he added 19 points in 6 innings and turned the charter over at 34:21 in the 14th inning. After that, he steadily filled up the score and won with 40:31 (19 innings). Cho Myung-wu’s average was 2.105.

Jeong Ye-seong defeated Choi Il-hae (Seoul Billiards Federation) 40:17 in 17 innings with two high runs (5 points, 7 points), and Kang Ja-in won Kim Dong-ryong 40:16 (17 innings) and averaged scored 2.353.

In another round of 16, Kim Haeng-jik defeated Jeong Seung-il (Seoul Billiards Federation) 40:25 (29 innings) and Heo Jeong-han defeated Jang Seong-won (Incheon Billiard Federation) 40:36 (34 innings). Next, Cha Myeong-jong beat Lee Yong-pyo (Jeju Billiards Federation) at 40:25 (24 innings), Jeon Seong-il beat Kim Jun-tae (Gyeongbuk Sports Association) at 40:35 (35 innings), and Kim Dong-hoon beat Lim Dong-eun (Bundang Seohyeon High School) at 40:33 ( 30 innings).

The men’s 3-cushion quarterfinals will be held tomorrow (6th) at 9:00 a.m., and the semifinals will be held twice at 1:00 and 3:00 noon. The final will be held at 5 p.m.

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