Hwang Min-kyung and Jeong Dae-yeong also moved to their respective teams as a sign of the free agent transfer of Park Jung-ah (30) in the V-League Women’s Division. 

IBK Industrial Bank announced on the 18th that “We signed a contract with Hwang Min-kyung, who played for Hyundai E&C, for an annual salary of 450 million won (annual salary of 320 million won, incentive of 130 million won).” 

Hwang Min-kyung is an outside hitter (left) who is excellent in both offense and defense, scoring 266 points in 34 games in the 2022-23 season. He played evenly, including 8th in serve (0.161 per set) and 10th in receiving (41.82% receiving efficiency). 카지노

IBK Industrial Bank, which finished sixth in the 2022-23 season, recruited Hwang Min-kyung and reinforced it as a wing striker. The club said, “(Hwang Min-kyung) is the right person to make up for the lacking part of the team with stable receiving and bold attack power.” 

On the morning of the same day, GS Caltex announced the recruitment of middle blocker (center) Jeong Dae-young. The contract period is 1 year, and the amount is 300 million won (250 million won annual salary, 50 million won incentive). GS Caltex, where reinforcement of the middle blocker was the top priority, brought in veteran Jeong Dae-young, who is still showing an edge in competition with juniors through thorough self-management and preparation, to reinforce its strength. Jeong Dae-young, the oldest in the V-League Women’s Division, ranked 3rd in blocking (0.769 per set) in the 2022-23 season, and still boasts a high level.  

The lowest-ranking Pepper Savings Bank signed with Park Jung-ah on the 17th for a total of 775 million won (annual salary of 475 million won, incentive of 300 million won). The contract period is 3 years.

Park Jung-ah’s future has attracted great attention in the FA market. Not only the original club, Korea Expressway Corporation, but also multiple clubs tried to sign him. Pepper Savings Bank was also interested in Kim Yeon-kyung, but when it was not possible, the owner of Jang Matthew and the new coach of Aachen Kim tried to sign a contract with Park Jeong-ah. 

The total amount of 775 million won Park Jung-ah signed this time is the maximum amount a female player can receive in one season. Kim Yeon-kyung also signed for 775 million won at the time of the FA contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance. 

Park Jung-ah, who inherited the baton as the captain of the national team from Kim Yeon-kyung, is currently one of the best strikers in Korea. He was nicknamed ‘Clutch Park’ because he was a solver, especially in winning matches or important matches. He was selected as the MVP of the 2017-18 championship match and won the league best 7 three times. In seven postseason games, he scored 125 points and scored 35.85% of success rate, leading Korea Expressway Corporation to win its second championship match.  

Park Jung-ah is known as the ‘championship contractor’. He collected 5 championship rings, the most in the V-League women’s division. Park Jung-ah tasted her third personal career victory in the 2016-17 season at IBK Industrial Bank, then beat her home team in the 2017-18 season, the first season of her transfer to Korea Expressway Corporation, and rose to the top again. 

Pepper Savings Bank, which joined as the youngest club in the 2021-22 season and ended up at the bottom for two consecutive years, expects an increase in power with the recruitment of Park Jung-ah. In the third season of her joining the V-League, she escapes from the bottom and challenges to rise to the middle ranks. 

Pepper Savings Bank was the lowest in both open attacks and success rates in the 2022-23 season. Excluding foreign players, there were not enough players to act as solvers. By bringing in Park Jung-ah, she was able to boost her power by distributing the burden of foreign players and the team’s attack route. Aachen Kim Pepper Savings Bank’s new manager said, “I thought Park Jung-ah would be a very important key in our team. He is very happy to be a part of the team.”  

In addition to Park Jung-ah, Pepper Savings Bank also signed a three-year contract with Chae Seon-ah (31), an outside heater (left) of KGC Ginseng Corporation, for a total of 300 million won. Internal FA Lee Han-bi (27, outside heater) signed a three-year contract with a total of 1.06 billion won, and libero Oh Ji-young (35) with a three-year contract with a total of 1 billion won. Pepper Savings Bank withdrew from the FA market at the end of the contract with these four people. 

Pepper Savings Bank made a major change by reinforcing the free agency and entrusting coach Aachen Kim with the baton.

The team that failed to advance to volleyball this season is expected to change the V-League game for the upcoming season as it shows an active move in the FA market. 

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