Reporter Cho Yong-woon = English Premier League (EPL) clubs are demanding Manchester City’s relegation.

British media ‘The Sun’ said, “EPL clubs are expressing their position that Man City, who is accused of violating financial rules more than 100 times, should be relegated if found guilty.”

After four years of investigating Manchester City’s financial problems, the EPL secretariat uncovered and prosecuted unprecedented irregularities. Manchester City faces multiple charges from 2009 to 2018, including ▲hiding funding sources ▲cutting some player and manager salaries ▲violating European Football Federation (UEFA) and EPL Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules and ▲willful obstruction of the investigation.

Manchester City immediately announced a breakthrough in the EPL’s prosecution, saying, “It is surprising that we are accused of financial violations. We hope that a committee that can fairly deal with the evidence to support our position will review it. We hope that the matter will be completely resolved.” 카지노

Contrary to Man City’s confidence, rival clubs demand swift judgment and punishment. A club president urged through The Sun, “If the charges are proven, there must be appropriate punishment. If the corruption that has spanned 10 years is confirmed, the EPL must make the right decision.”

Many of the club’s representatives also do not plan to let City drag the matter along. It is the thinking of other EPL clubs that they definitely want to be punished this season.

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