Reporter Han Jae-hyun = Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr, who signed Cristiano Ronaldo, is attracting a large number of European players. 헤라카지노도메인

British media ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 23rd (local time), “Everton have rejected an offer to sign Al Nasr, who wants goalkeeper Asmir Begovic.”

Begovic is not Everton’s first goalkeeper. He is so few that he has only appeared in 3 games this season. Al-Nasr’s proposal is also attractive for him to play.

Al Nasr is not expected to give up despite Everton’s rejection. He is about to sway Everton with his second offer.

If an appropriate offer comes from Al Nasr, who paid Ronaldo’s ransom, there is a possibility that Everton will also give up. However, the power drain due to the team performance that fell into the relegation zone must also be taken into account.

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