The Tigers are predicting baseball. 

The KIA Tigers produced the stealing king in the 2022 season. Shortstop Park Chan-ho succeeded in stealing 42 bases and won his second title after last 2019. Park Chan-ho, playing as a shortstop who consumes a lot of stamina, vomited the spirit of climbing the king of stolen bases. 

KIA recorded 103 team steals, ranking first in this category. Kim Do-yeong and Kim Sun-bin each succeeded in 13 and Socrates 12. Kim Sun-bin was a double-digit stealer for the first time in 9 years since 2013. It was the result of giving the green light to fast runners. 

This year, coach Kim Jong-guk continues the keynote of running baseball. In particular, from June, mobility will be upgraded one step further. Choi Won-joon is discharged from the management and returns to the batting line immediately. He had 40 stolen bases in the 2021 season right before his enlistment. He was ranked first on the team and second in the league.

When Choi Won-joon returns, the number of stolen bases in the team is expected to increase considerably. Kim Do-young already showed off his extraordinary running ability in his rookie season last year. He mainly came out as a large runner, making 13 of them. If he occupies the starting position (third base), the number of stolen bases can be much higher.

In particular, if leadoff Choi Won-joon, 2nd Park Chan-ho, 9th Kim Do-young, or Kim Do-young 2nd and Park Chan-ho 9th, you can play baseball to your heart’s content. With 30 to 40 stolen bases, he is threatening to opponents. 

If the three players work together, a rich meal can be prepared for the cleanup trio. Na Seong-beom and Ryu Ji-hyeok also have the ability to steal. If you have mobility, you will be able to reduce side effects and make active operations possible 스포츠토토. A fast runner on first base puts a lot of pressure on the opposing battery and defense. It is also advantageous for batters in ball-matching fights. 

A scoring equation is also possible to extract the necessary points in the second half of the game. In batting, Choi Won-joon and Park Chan-ho are expected to have a batting average of 30%. If even Kim Do-young adds strength to the batting, the batting line becomes even hotter. If Kim Seon-bin, Ryu Ji-hyeok, Na Seong-beom, Socrates, Hwang Dae-in, and Choi Hyeong-woo combine long hitting skills, they can increase their scoring power.

KIA had a big hole in the batting line with the free agent transfer of Park Dong-won, who hit 17 homers. Because reinforcement was not done, the power of last year’s batting line fell. Instead, when Choi Won-joon returns, it is possible to supplement with mobility. There is a task to endure in April and May, but Choi Won-jun’s return is a huge plus to his scoring power.

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