The Los Angeles Dodgers had to face an embarrassing event ahead of this offseason. This is because Trevor Bauer (32), who thought he would not be able to play for two years due to the disciplinary action against women, was ‘resurrected’ after the disciplinary action was reduced.

Under the original punishment, the Dodgers were not obliged to pay Bauer’s annual salary this year. However, as the punishment was reduced, the way to return during the season was opened, and the Dodgers were obliged to pay an annual salary of about 22.5 million dollars (about 27.7 billion won) for the rest of the period excluding the suspension period.

In the end, the Dodgers could not overcome public opinion and the burden within the club and released Bauer as it was. He even threw away Bauer by throwing away the remaining $22.5 million of his annual salary. Even if Bauer goes to another team, he must be responsible for this salary. The Dodgers, which tried to reset the luxury tax (wealth tax) rate by cutting team salaries this year, are in trouble because of Bauer’s $22.5 million. Players cannot be recruited, and the luxury tax rate cannot be reset.

The cold gaze towards Bauer is clearly revealed in the process after the notice of the Dodgers’ release. Bauer, who has passed the waiver period, is a free agent (FA) who can contract with any major league team. The team that will use Bauer only has to pay the major league minimum salary. However, even after a long time has passed since the incident, no club has yet to sign Bauer.

Although he took an entire season off last year, Bauer is definitely an attractive resource when it comes to the ‘minimum salary’. He’s the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner right away, and went 8-5 with a 2.59 ERA in 17 games before being suspended for suspension in 2021. There is nothing wrong with his physical condition, and since he is still young, he is worthy of being a good addition to the team if he can find a sense of practice. Otherwise, he only has to spend and release about $700,000.

Nevertheless, the fact that there is no team you want means that the ‘Bauer Risk’ is coming to major league clubs. The core of ‘Bauer Risk’ is not only the image problem, but also the fact that legal disputes may continue in the future. The related lawsuit could be rekindled at any time, and the Dodgers could have another legal battle with Bauer over the payment of the remaining annual salary. There is a risk of being noisy here and there. 카지노

It is unknown what the Dodgers will do with Bauer’s remaining salary in the future. The Dodgers are taking a direction to thoroughly ‘keep quiet’ about this incident. However, it seems clear that the time to solve it in some way is approaching.

On the 26th (Korean time), Fabian Ardaya, a reporter in charge of the Dodgers at the North American sports media ‘The Athletic’, responded to a reader’s query on the issue on the 26th (Korean time), saying, “The Dodgers have been continuously delaying comment on the situation since Bauer was originally on administrative leave. I preferred to wait until the situation was resolved to some extent,’ he recalled, ‘but even now they haven’t spoken yet. The Dodgers will have to work it out eventually,’ he explained the situation. Attention is focusing on when the Dodgers will start taking concrete actions and whether Bauer will be able to find a new team.

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