The answer is obvious. are ‘professionals’.

On the 30th of last month, Gyeongsangnam-do (Governor Park Wan-soo) announced a high-intensity innovation plan for Gyeongnam FC, which suffered internal troubles due to sexual harassment and abuse. He said that he would make a bone-breaking effort to restore the honor of the fallen Domin club. He even made a ‘bomb declaration’ that he would consider disbanding the club if it could not secure self-sufficiency within the 8th term of the popular election. There is dissatisfaction inside and outside the soccer world that ‘Are you mentioning disbandment again?’

While mentioning the club’s financial independence and strict discipline, what is also eye-catching is the full management reorganization and reorganization. Doja City plans to expand the door to a person appointed by the provincial governor for the owner’s position, which is an ex officio position, and plans to recruit a new CEO. As another driving force for innovation, it was decided to proceed with an organizational reorganization to transform the secretariat into a general manager system. It means to run the team more professionally.

‘How’ was the answer. The key is ‘who’. From 2016 to 2019, when Gyeongnam was at its peak, such as promotion and K-League 1 runner-up, the keyword for success was ‘professionalism’. Gyeongnam moved faster than anyone else, picked up good players, improved their performance, earned more than 10 billion won in transfer fees, and even paid off debts that had been holding them back for years. The club’s high-ranking officials and the front desk acknowledged each other’s expertise, and with quick movements, they were always able to stay one step ahead.

However, in the past few years, this favorable atmosphere has broken. Discord continued within the club. There was no central point to sort this out. Unreasonable greetings and unreasonable decisions were repeated. This is the reason why Gyeongnam did not achieve results as expected despite continued investment. Even the front problem exploded. 스포츠토토

In the end, greetings are everything. It’s cliché, but that’s why you need an ‘expert’. Gyeongnam, like other provincial clubs, could not be free from politics. The representative director is elected by the provincial governor, and the secretary general is sent down from the province. I am not a football expert. As a result, I was swayed by the stories of some people and couldn’t make bold and innovative judgments when needed. Since it was impossible to operate professionally, the club had no choice but to regress.

also knows this. The core of the management composition and reorganization was ‘professionalism’. They said they would recruit a CEO with innovation capabilities, management skills, and ‘professionalism’, and a general manager with innovation capabilities and ‘professionalism’. A ‘real expert’, not a political logic, must come. Centered on personnel who have managed the club and made achievements, external blood transfusions must also be kept in mind. Only then can true reform take root in Gyeongnam, and spring can come again.

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