National team outside hitter Na Gyeong-bok (29), who is enlisting in the military immediately after transferring to men’s professional volleyball KB Insurance, said, “I will come back and prepare hard to prove myself in a better shape.”

Na Gyeong-bok is standing at the turning point of his life. On the 13th, he left Woori Card, where he had worked for 8 years, and changed into a KB Insurance uniform with an annual salary of 800 million won (annual salary of 600 million won and an option of 200 million won).

He will enter the training center to fulfill his military service on the 24th. The contract with KB Insurance begins after he is discharged.

Na Gyeong-bok, who joined Woori Card with the first pick in the first round of the 2015-16 draft and played an active role as a franchise star and one-club man, experienced his first transfer on the professional stage. He also has to do military service and not easy times with his wife and child.스포츠토토

With his enlistment, transfer, and a major turning point in his life ahead, Na Kyung-bok holds onto his heart, saying, “I will rather use it as a good opportunity.”

During the phone interview with ‘News 1’ on the 19th, Na Kyung-bok had completed a physical examination related to enlistment. Enlisting will feel more real.

Na Gyeong-bok said, “It wasn’t until then, but these days, people around me tease me so much that I think, ‘I’m really going.’ I think I will adapt well because I have lived at home and lived in groups such as training camps.”

Na Gyeong-bok will be discharged on October 23, 2024 and will play on his professional volleyball court from the 2024-25 season. He has to give up his life as a professional volleyball player for a while during a not small gap.

Na Kyung-bok said, “I will do my duty faithfully and ‘prepare to come back well'” and “I will look back on how I have played in the past, organize my thoughts, and prepare for the next leap. Rather, I think it will be refreshing.”

He has been active as the best outside hitter in the V-League for 8 years, but looking back, he is not relieved.

When Na Gyeong-bok and Woori Card were suspended due to the 2019-20 novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), they only ranked first in the regular league, and in the 2020-21 season, they finished runner-up in the championship match, and in the 2021-22 and 2022-23 seasons, the semi-playoffs The results were disappointing compared to recent expectations, such as stopping at .

Na Gyeong-bok said, “Especially when I look back on the last few years, it’s all regrettable memories. No matter how I started and what things I gained, the end always ended in regret.” expressed an opinion.

So, he picked ‘incisive assistant referee’ as the keyword for his service period. Na Kyung-bok said, “Since I have a tendency to gain weight, I will manage my weight well, and I will try to get better with rehabilitation and weights for the parts that were often painful.”

After returning, he plays for KB Insurance, not for Woori Card.

Na Gyeong-bok explained the background of the transfer, saying, “In-jung Hu, director of KB Insurance, showed interest several times. He showed his trust by saying, ‘I trust you even after taking a year off.'” “I think that moved my heart.”

At this time, KB Insurance’s reconstruction was completed with Na Gyeong-bok and Hwang Taek-eui discharged with the best power.

Na Kyung-bok said, “I will spend this time hard so that I can come back and prove myself in a better way. I’m looking forward to it.” He greeted the fans of KB Insurance.

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