“When I said baseball, I only knew Hanwha.”

Hanwha right-hander Yang Gyeong-mo (20) caught the ball when his parents encouraged him to “try baseball at least once” when he was a 5th grader at Sinheung Elementary School in Daejeon. The boy, who didn’t know much about baseball, found fun in throwing, so he started pitching. He drew attention as a fastball approaching 150 km at Bukil High School, and in 2022, in the 2nd 4th round, he was nominated for the Hanwha team with the 31st overall ranking. 

Yang Kyung-mo said, “I didn’t know baseball well. I started because my parents liked it, and when it came to baseball, I only knew Hanhwa. It was even better to be nominated by Hanwha,” recalled the moment of his rookie nomination. 

But the joy is short-lived. Immediately after joining Hanwha, he underwent rehabilitation after undergoing elbow ligament splicing and bone fragment removal surgery. From the time he joined the pro, he fought against himself in the rehabilitation army throughout the year. His rehabilitation is a series of boring, but Yang Kyung-mo, who usually likes weight training, said, “It wasn’t as boring as I thought. Since he was in high school, he did a lot of weights, so it wasn’t hard,” he looked back calmly. 

However, a smile spread across his face as he recalled the moment he missed when he returned to the mound. After a year of rehabilitation, his first actual mound was in Australia. He went to Australia at the end of last year and had real-life experience for a month as a member of Geelong Korea. In his first appearance, he threw a maximum speed of 146 km, and in the second appearance, he threw up to 151 km. 

Yang Kyung-mo, who announced successful rehabilitation without postoperative complications, said, “I thought it was not going well because it was my first real performance, but it was better than I thought. I regained my restraint before surgery,” he said. “It was also the first time I faced foreign hitters. He hit all the high balls and turned them into home runs. I felt the importance of throwing low,” he said. 

The record itself was not good with an average ERA of 7.94 with 1 hold in 6 games (5⅔ innings), including 3 consecutive home runs, but it was a success in itself to return after pitching without getting sick. Yang Kyung-mo also said, “I gained confidence after going to Australia. I thought he would be sick, but when he threw it, it didn’t hurt,” and said that overcoming his fear of injury was a harvest.  토토사이트

After returning to Korea, Yang Gyeong-mo, who is preparing for his first season with the Seosan Remaining Army, will start pitching again at the end of this month. He said, “I’ve been starting and saving since I was young, and the bullpen seems to fit me well. He was good when he threw 1 or 2 innings short and strong.” He throws a curveball, a splitter, and he’s learning his slider too,” he explained. 

Yang Kyung-mo’s goal this year is to go through the Futures League and make it to the first team. “Getting into the first team is the first thing,” he said. I will go there and think about my next dream,” he said. “Last year, I didn’t have a chance to show my face at all because I was in rehabilitation, but I want to show it to Hanwha fans from this year. When I go up to the first team, I want to deal with Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) and Kang Baek-ho (KT) seniors. I was looking forward to his first team debut, saying, “I will compete with a fastball for the first ball.”

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