“Rookie of the year is not my goal. It is less realistic.”

He is the only rookie to join spring camp, but he does not have the dream that all rookies have. “The goal of the debut season is to learn and grow a lot, whether it be in the 1st or 2nd team, and let Doosan know that there is a catcher named Junho Yoon,” he said with a bright smile. Yoon Jun-ho, who added courage to his sad personality, gave his business card to the fierce competition for Doosan catchers.

Yoon Jun-ho is having a hectic day at the spring camp being held at the Blacktown International Baseball Center in Australia. Although he is a rookie with a college degree, he is experiencing both his training volume and schedule for the first time. It’s hard to adapt to his professional life, but he has to show that he doesn’t fall behind his seniors in a much more systematic and complex autograph familiarization, so he doesn’t have enough time psychologically. “I am adapting,” he said. He said he’s fine, and he’s holding his heart that all baseballs are the same, but it’s true that it’s not easy,” he said. I didn’t forget to say, “It’s true that my body is tired, but it’s so much fun.” 토토사이트

Doosan has a systematic farm system that other teams envy. It is not a sight to see a rookie joining the first team spring camp. In particular, this year, Yang Eui-ji was brought in from the free agent (FA) market to reinforce the catcher. Nonetheless, Junho Yoon proudly put his name on the camp roster.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I made a list because I wanted to see a large number of people at camp, but there were many pitchers. I needed a catcher to catch the ball, so I brought in Yoon Jun-ho, even though I am a rookie. He laughed, saying, “It has nothing to do with the strongest baseball.” Manager Lee, who had a relationship with Yoon Jun-ho as the first coach of the strongest baseball, was appointed to the Doosan headquarters after he was nominated. It was as if they were reunited like fate. Yoon Jun-ho said, “It’s completely different from when we met in Monsters. Isn’t it a pro team? To be honest, it is difficult to even say a word.” This means that Yoon Jun-ho’s joining the camp was not because of friendship.

Serizawa Yuji’s battery coach teaches almost man-to-man. He is working on the basic skills that a catcher should have, such as catching posture, framing, and blocking posture. Coach Serizawa said, “Among the catchers on the team, his shoulder is the best. That alone is competitive.”

Yoon Jun-ho said, “In high school and college, I couldn’t learn the basics of catcher every day. It’s because there is no battery coach,” he said. “In the pro, you learn every day and you can get feedback on each movement right away, so it’s so fun. Since he was in the upper grades of elementary school, he started wearing a mask because it was ‘a position that no one wants to do’, and he takes pride in being a catcher. He emphasized that he will focus on growing because he has been given such a precious opportunity.”

So, the rookie of the year was excluded from the goal. He said, “I am far behind my seniors. It is not even known whether he will be able to step on the stage of the 1st team,” he said. He said his goal is to grow into a catcher with a sense of stability and be imprinted as a ‘reliable catcher’ as soon as possible.” Yoon Jun-ho, who set a simple but realistic goal, is emerging as a dark horse in Doosan’s home competition.

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