Carrot goes to Game 4.

The Goyang Carrot Jumpers will face off against Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Quarterfinal Playoff Game 4 at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 19th.

Carrot, who caught the second game, pushed KGC with a fierce outer artillery offensive at the beginning of the third game, but suffered a painful come-from-behind defeat. Carrot, who has been pushed back in the series. A loss on this day means the end of the season soon.

In Game 3, Carrot struggled against the opponent’s strong pressure defense and gave up the victory. Physical strain also played a significant role.메이저놀이터

Manager Kim Seung-gi said, “He pointed out what didn’t go well in the third game. He allowed shots that shouldn’t have been hit, and there were a lot of fouls when pressing, but he said that we should be able to overcome them. And there are some physically difficult parts. Fortunately, the shot went in and we won. I thought I could do it, but it collapsed in the press,” he said.

“The opponent seemed to be aware of our stamina burden and aimed for it. If we had organized well, we wouldn’t have consumed our stamina, but there were not enough players who could handle the ball well, so the score gap narrowed there. He added, “I didn’t do that in the third game. And I was tired in the second half. But I worked really hard and did a good job. The KGC players’ advanced defense was amazing. It was scary. They said I had to overcome that.”

The need to stop the league’s top guard Byun Jun-hyung does not change even in the 4th game.

Coach Kim said, “Byun Jun-hyung was amazing. He became so strong. He did the same thing as he did in the second round against KT in the semifinals last year. He was really scary and his fighting spirit to win was great. Concentration in the match was high. Eventually, we kept winning Losing is also the biggest reason for Byun Jun-hyung. Byun Jun-hyung’s scoring and Moon Seong-gon’s rebound. Didn’t he lose everything to Moon Seong-gon last time too?”

It is a difficult situation, but coach Kim expressed his will not to give up until the end.

Manager Kim said, “I cried while watching the players. I felt sorry and thanked them for coming this far. “he said.

The greatest source of strength is the enthusiastic support of fans.

Manager Kim said, “The most important thing is the fans. There are the most active and amazing fans. They are so united and care so much about the players that I don’t know how to repay them. All I can do is work hard today and play the game to the end. I’m going to try. I don’t want to give up. I had to do that. The same goes for the players, but I’m lacking in strength, but I’ll do my best.”

He continued, “I can’t feel how hot it is. During my career as a coach, I didn’t feel much of the crowd becoming so enthusiastic. When I first went to KGC, I thought the fans were calm, but the heat gradually rose. After coming here a year, the fans became passionate and not joking. Thank you very much. I also ate the eel rice bowl. Thank you. I was very grateful for the coffee. I was really moved while eating the eel rice bowl.”

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