“Kim Young-gwon scored, it seems like it was full because there was nowhere to give it… ”

Ulsan Hyundai, led by coach Hong Myung-bo, won 3-2 in an away game against Suwon Samsung in the 14th round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 21st. Ulsan (37 points), who succeeded in winning 6 consecutive wins, further widened the gap with the second place.

After the game, coach Hong said, “The scene of conceding came from the set piece. it’s a shame. There weren’t many set-piece concessions this season, but he conceded two. Other than that, the overall control of the game was good. It’s a difficult place, but I’m satisfied with the results.”

Ulsan won its first victory in Suwon after Hong took office. Director Hong said, “It is a jinx that I feel bad for no reason. I don’t think it’s a good thing just to get rid of it. You keep breaking the jinx. Also, I think it is important to prevent breaking the jinx we have.”스포츠토토

On this day, Ulsan hit the goal post three times. Manager Hong said, “After scoring his first goal, he conceded not long after. The second point is the same. I thought it would be difficult, but I think that not giving up until the end is a big factor in winning.” Kim Young-kwon scored his K-League debut goal from a fantastic mid-range catcher. “I think I’m full because I have nowhere to give it…” Director Hong said, “Kim Young-kwon’s strong point is his passing and kicking power. Before the game, he asked to be conscious of the shot. He made a good shot with good judgment,” he expressed satisfaction.

With the victory, Ulsan widened the gap with the second place to 13 points. Director Hong said, “We are a team that is structured in freedom. The time you are not concentrating on should be as free as possible. I can’t concentrate 24/7. I think I am playing soccer while enjoying it enough,” he emphasized.

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