SSG Landers director Kim Won-hyung said before leaving for the campsite, “It seems there is a bit of excitement.”

On the 30th, the SSG team headed to Florida, USA, where the 2023 Spring Camp is located, via Incheon International Airport. This is Kim’s first overseas camp after becoming head coach. Until last year, we prepared for the season in Jeju Island for two consecutive years due to the Corona 19 pandemic.

Because of this, the resolution is too high. Coach Kim said, “(Training) environment is good. Players will be able to build their bodies efficiently,” he said. “For about three days of the first turn of training, we set up a plan focusing on condition, and then prepare for the season normally. I think the players will follow suit.”

Manager Kim pays a lot of attention to the mound. Left-hander Pil Seung-jo Kim Taek-hyung enlisted as a managing director, and right-hander sidearm Jang Ji-hoon went with him. There is a gap. Manager Kim said, “We talk a lot about the weakness of the bullpen. But he thinks the starting lineup is the most important this year as well.”

This is the part where you nod your head. SSG replaced both foreign pitchers. 13-win pitcher Wilmer Font and second-half ace Sean Morrimando left. It is necessary to prepare for the 2023 season as a new, unproven foreign pitcher.

There is ‘Ace’ Kim Gwang-hyeon, and there are enough starting resources such as Park Jong-hoon, Moon Seung-won, and Oh Won-seok, but it is not safe. Coach Kim said, “2021 started off well, but it became difficult as there were injury variables in the starting lineup. Then, in 2022, (Kim) Kwang-hyeon joined, found stability in the starting lineup, and spent a good season until the end,” he explained the reason. 메이저놀이터

Of course, the bullpen also pays a lot of attention. The left arm needs reinforcement. Manager Kim said, “I will look at a lot of left-handed pitchers as well.”

The starting lineup includes two foreign pitchers, Kim Gwang-hyeon, and two of Park Jong-hun, Moon Seung-won, and Oh Won-seok take the remaining positions. Director Kim said, “Jong-hoon and Seung-won are in their second year after surgery. After returning from last year and playing a bit, I have some sense of the game. prepare for selection When the training game starts after camp, the best pitcher will go to the bullpen.”

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