The high-intensity situation continues for the Chinese soccer world, which began with the fall of former Chinese soccer team coach Ritian.

The Central Discipline Commission’s National Supervisory Commission (Discipline and Supervisory Commission)’s discipline inspection team presided over by the State General Administration of Sports and the Hubei Provincial Supervisory Commission said on the 24th that they were inspecting and investigating China Football Association’s Discipline Committee Director Wang Xiaoping and Sports Manager Huang Song for serious violations of the law. revealed바카라

The specific charges against them were not disclosed.

Hongseong Newspaper, a local media outlet, reported that Wang, after becoming head of the Discipline Committee in 2009, was the backbone of the Chinese Football Association, where he was reappointed in 2019 and served for 14 years.

Beginning with the investigation of former soccer team coach Ritia in November last year, former and current high-ranking officials of the Football Association, including former secretary-general Liu Yi, former permanent deputy secretary-general Chun Yong-liang, and chairman Chen Xu-yuan, have been subject to assessment and dropped from the horse.

The Chinese national team was eliminated in the final Asian group stage of the Qatar World Cup, and has failed to advance to the World Cup finals for the fifth consecutive time since participating in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

In addition, it was confirmed that there was match fixing in the final of the youth football match under the age of 15 at the Guangdong Provincial Sports Festival held in August last year.

In this regard, there are observations that the unprecedented assessment work is aimed at rooting out corruption prevalent in the Chinese soccer world, such as corruption in the selection process, match fixing, and gambling, and reorganizing the organization through a major water change.

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