“You have to do it consistently for 3 years… ”

The KIA batting line showed off its top-tier productivity in the league in the 2022 season when coach Kim Jong-guk took over. However, on the 8th (hereafter Korean time), coach Kim Jong-guk raised the need for a new engine at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, the United States, saying that the averages of hitters who recorded career highs such as Hwang Dae-in, Ryu Ji-hyuk, Park Chan-ho, and Lee Chang-jin were not certain.

Average here is not a word that means batting average. It is a kind of device that divides the class of players. If you post similar grades for about 3 years, that score is the average for that player. Simply put, it means that you cannot trust the record of a player who has reached a career high once.

KIA is showing signs of building a solid plan B throughout the season and outfield. As of the 2022 season, the starting pitchers in the infield are first baseman Hwang Dae-in, second baseman Kim Sun-bin, shortstop Park Chan-ho, third baseman Kim Do-young, catcher Park Dong-won, and outfield starting pitcher Lee Chang-jin, center fielder Socrates Brito, and right fielder Na Seong-beom. Among them, Park Dong-won left for LG. The new main catcher is Han Seung-taek. 바카라

Excluding the catcher, how many of last year’s key position players will keep their positions? At this point, there is a possibility of some replacement. Dubbed the ‘second Lee Seung-yeop’, Kim Seok-hwan can play first base as well as left field. With Choi Won-joon’s discharge in June, the outfield is showing signs of getting thicker. For Kim Seok-hwan to survive, he must threaten first baseman Hwang Dae-in. Manager Kim said, “Since Seok-hwan is tall, it will be easier for infielders to throw. He said, “Dain-i should not relax.”

In the case of second base, there is Kim Gyu-seong, who played a big role in the Australian professional baseball Geelong Korea. I had a lot of trouble with hitting, but I looked back after finding an answer to some extent. He played 27 games for Geelong Korea, with a batting average of 0.281, 3 homers, 13 RBIs, 14 points and 7 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.764. Kim Gyu-seong needs to grow even in terms of physical strength arrangement for veteran Kim Seon-bin.

As for the shortstop, Park Chan-ho is alive and well. As with second base, unless there is an incident, the possibility of losing the starting position is low. Still, Kim Doyoung is preparing as a backup. Third base is one of the positions most likely to change starting at this point. Existing Ryu Ji-hyeok, Kim Do-young, and transfer student Byun Woo-hyuk will compete 3 to 1. Kim Do-young modified the hitting mechanism so that he could strike accurately. Byun Woo-hyeok is like a lottery ticket that he hasn’t scratched as a geopo prospect.

In the outfield, if Choi Won-joon is discharged from Sangmu in June, there is a high possibility that he will eventually become the starting left fielder. It’s a hitter so good that I can’t not use it. In the end, it is the biggest crisis for Lee Chang-jin, who rose to the starting lineup last year. Lee Chang-jin and Kim Seok-hwan, as well as Ko Jong-wook and Lee Woo-sung, are potential left field contenders.

Coach Kim said, “I will use players who are good at it.” KIA, which did not have a clear power reinforcement in the offseason, seeks to strengthen its own competitiveness.

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