What kind of year will you spend this year?

On the 11th, a new year press conference was held at the Korea Comics Promotion Agency in Bucheon. Director César, who was originally scheduled to hold a press conference on the 14th (Tuesday), has moved up his visit to Korea due to the recent earthquake in Turkey. 

Coach Cesar, a former head coach of ‘Lavariniho’ and Turkiye Bakifbank, has been newly appointed as the Korean women’s volleyball team’s command tower since 2022. Coach Cesar reorganized the Korean women’s volleyball team, where veterans such as Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai Construction), and Kim Su-ji (IBK Industrial Bank) resigned, with young players in their 20s.

A large number of veterans, who are the main axis, left and started with half concerns and half expectations, but the international stage was grim. They won only 3 sets out of 12 matches in the VNL, and in the World Championships, they won 1 against Croatia on the final day. .

Even in 2023, it is realistically difficult for grades to improve significantly. However, the command tower continues to worry about taking even one step forward. 

Coach Cesar, who appeared at the press conference on this day, delivered a message saying, “Korean volleyball must follow the fast and powerful world volleyball trend.” 

Representative examples include Japan and Thailand. There are not many players with all the height and power unique to Westerners like Italy or Serbia, but it is an Asian team composed of players most similar to Korea. Citing the two countries as an example, Cesar emphasized, “We have to take advantage of Korea’s unique strengths and melt them while looking at Japan and Thailand’s volleyball as examples.” 

Korea has strengths in serving and defense, but it was said that blocking skills are not yet strong. During last year’s VNL match, coach Cesar pointed out the blocking posture to the national team players. In addition, coach Cesar cited improving offensive power as the most urgent task. 

The main point is to increase the scoring ability along with the basic skills. Of course, this cannot be done in a short time. Since ‘Kim Yeon-kyung Magic’ and veterans have disappeared, this is the real beginning. The Korean volleyball team is in a situation where it has to work hard for a long time to build up experience and performance again for the international stage.

In addition, Cesar especially emphasized ‘communication’ on this day. It seemed that there was some disagreement with domestic volleyball coaches at a meeting after the international competition schedule, starting with the selection of players last year. 

Director Cesar, who appeared in Korea again, emphasized at a New Year’s press conference, “I think we need to communicate closely with the clubs cooperatively.” This year’s international stage schedule has become heavier and tighter. It can survive only when there is a sufficient pool of players.

Korean women’s volleyball will once again anchor on the schedule of the international stage in 2023 with VNL, which will be held from May 30th. VNL will be held in 6 countries: Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Thailand and Korea, and the final stage will be held in Texas, USA from July 12th to 16th. Week 1 will be held in Turkey and Japan from May 30th to June 4th, Week 2 will be held in Hong Kong and Brazil, and Korea and Thailand from June 13th to 18th, and Week 3 will be held from June 27th. The match will be held until July 2nd. 

Italy, Turkey, Canada, Poland, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Japan, Thailand, Croatia, Brazil, Serbia, Germany and China are participating. Korea was tied in Group 1 in Week 1 with Turkey, Italy, Serbia, USA, Canada, Thailand and Poland. Week 2 will be played in Group 4, and Week 3 will be played in Group 5.  온라인카지노

The qualifiers for the 2024 Paris Olympics will be held in October. The group was divided into three groups A, B, and C, with China and Korea in Group C. Group C includes Brazil, USA, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico and Ukraine. Only the top two teams out of the eight participating teams will be given tickets to the finals. The Hangzhou Asian Games will also be held from September 23rd to October 8th. None of the games are unimportant. Director César followed a good precedent and set the direction to add Korea’s unique strengths rather than filling his stomach with his first drink. 

How will this year of director Cesar, who is drawing a sketch for a leap forward, go? 

Meanwhile, coach César, who is scheduled to visit Korea, will return to Turkey on the 13th after watching both the Heungkuk Life Insurance-IBK Industrial Bank match on the 11th and the GS Caltex-KGC Ginseng Corporation match on the 12th. 

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