“It’s too much to do.”

This is the complaint of Mr. B, who joined the annual membership of A golf course in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. Mr. B complained, “If you want to join the annual membership, there is a special contract other than the green fee.” Mr. B is leading a local friendship promotion club consisting of 30 people. A monthly meeting is held at the golf course. After Corona 19, problems began to arise as guests flocked to the golf course. As it is located in the suburbs of Seoul, green fees, caddy fees, and cart usage fees are formidable every time you play a round.

“Give me more”

This is not the end. In addition to round costs, there are compulsory conditions. Mr. B said ‘OK’ to the provision that he had to spend 130,000 won per person unconditionally in addition to the basic cost. It is a large amount of money that can be filled by eating lunch and dinner at the golf course, using the shade house, and even purchasing gifts. The unreasonable demands of golf course A cannot be ignored. This is because the higher the unit price, the higher the probability of re-registration. The golf course receives applications for annual members in October and announces the ‘passing team’ in December.

Mr. B sighed, saying, “The cost of the special contract is rising more after Corona 19.” Mr. B confessed, “In the case of local golf courses, there is no such power, but most of the members want to play rounds in the metropolitan area.” In the case of golf courses in the metropolitan area, there are special contracts for most group teams. Yongin B golf course has 100,000 won and Suwon C golf course has ‘shackles’ that require additional spending of 80,000 won.

Domestic golf courses have significantly increased green fees in the face of the Corona 19 special. According to the Korea Leisure Industry Research Institute, weekday green fees at membership golf courses nationwide averaged 204,400 won as of November last year, up 17% from 174,700 won in May 2020. During the same period, Saturday green fees jumped 14 percent from 223,500 won to 254,800 won. Green fees for public golf courses also increased by 33.3 percent from 134,200 won on weekdays to 178,900 won, and green fees on Saturdays increased by 24.5 percent from 181,300 won to 225,700 won. During the peak season last year, green fees soared to 200,000 to 250,000 won on weekdays and 280,000 to 370,000 won on weekends. The 2021 operating profit rate of domestic membership and public golf courses (excluding Jeju Island) was 31.8%.

The number of golfers in Korea has exceeded 5 million. Golf course booking has become a ‘war’ and all costs have risen. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism reorganized the golf course classification system from the existing membership/non-membership system to a membership/non-membership/public 3-part system to curb the green fee increase. Previously, individual consumption tax was imposed only on membership golf courses, but from now on, non-member golf courses that receive expensive green fees will also be taxed. The total tax levied is 21,120 won. Among non-member golf courses, the upper limit on the usage fee was set at 188,000 won on weekdays and 247,000 won on weekends. It was decided to designate it as a public golf course that can receive tax benefits if it meets these requirements.

There are also unfair demands for large-scale events at golf courses. Last year, a supply company held an event for customers at D golf course in Gangwon-do for two days. The rental fee was 70 million won per day, or 140 million won. Previously, you could rent a golf course by paying only the cost of using the golf course and simple food and beverages. However, in the case of recent events, daily sales are the starting point. In the case of an 18-hole golf course, it is a ‘forced contract’ that can be used only when the sales generated when the golf course is played up to three parts are guaranteed. An official from the supply company in charge of this event said, “To use the golf course, you have to meet all the requirements,” and added, “Compared to before, the cost seems to be about 30% higher.” 스포츠토토

“Please respect me”

Amateur golfers are highly dissatisfied with the caddy management of the golf course. The number of golfers has increased since Corona 19, but the supply of caddies is not smooth. The problem arises from the lack of properly trained caddies on the field. Previously, the system to evaluate the service satisfaction of caddies immediately after the round was also removed. Caddy soared from 120,000 won to 150,000 won before Corona 19. It’s a burdensome amount for golfers. One weekend golfer pointed out, “The caddy has gone up, but the quality of service has gone down compared to before.” The golf cart fee is also being criticized. The cart usage fee has risen from 90,000 won to 100,000 won per team.

The food and beverages sold at the golf course are bitterly criticized for being too profitable. In the era of Corona 19, outside food was blocked for quarantine reasons, but restaurant food prices are gradually increasing. The cost of meals went up from 12,000 won to 20,000 won. The golf course sells haejangguk and rice soup for 20,000 won. Makgeolli is 12,000 won and Tteokbokki is 35,000 won. There is even a national petition to publicize the tyranny of the golf course.

The golf course is doing ‘tricks’ to get more money from customers. He is rolling his head when he was infected with Corona 19 after booking a 4-player play or inevitably missed the day due to inspection. If the number of people is reduced from 4 to 3, it is a method of paying an additional 10,000 won for green fees from 3 people. As golfers have recently turned their eyes abroad as Corona 19 has eased, local golf courses are having difficulty booking. After sending a text message to the customer that they are giving a discount, if they want to play 3-player, they are getting extra money.

Cost isn’t everything. One weekend golfer complained, “It doesn’t matter if you raise money, but you have to treat it properly.” The tee-off interval at the golf course is 7 minutes. If you arrive at hole 1 early, you may be given an early start. If you get pushed during the round, Marshall points out to move quickly. Another golfer said, “When playing, there are cases where 2 or 3 holes are stagnant. No one says they are sorry.” ” he said frankly.

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