Where will Seoul SK guard Choi Won-hyeok (31, 183cm), who obtained his second FA qualification after his debut, go?

On the 10th, Choi Won-hyeok visited the Myongji University Jayeon Campus Gymnasium to watch the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League game between Myongji University and Hanyang University, and cheered for Hanyang University, his alma mater. Hanyang University won 88-83 after a close game that went to overtime.

It is not difficult for professional players to visit the college league site after the season ends, but Choi Won-hyuk’s situation was a little different. Most of them come to see the game held at their alma mater, but Choi Won-hyeok visited the field of Hanyang University’s away game.

When asked about this, Choi Won-hyeok said, “I have to send out wedding invitations because I am about to get married (27th), but Hanyang University’s home game is on the 24th. At that time, it seemed too late to hand out wedding invitations. It happened to be close to my house, so I found Myongji University,” he laughed.

SK fought hard until the 7th game in the 2022-2023 season championship match against Anyang KGC, but stayed in the runner-up. Choi Won-hyuk also contributed to the team’s victory with two surprise 3-pointers and a rebound in the 4th game, but SK swallowed regret as it ended up finishing runner-up.

Regarding the championship match, Choi Won-hyeok said, “It was so much fun. He heard that it was the 7th game held in 14 seasons, but it was amazing that the game went into overtime. Unfortunately, KGC did a great job. I ran without regret. I think it was an understandable series no matter who won.”

Choi Won-hyuk continued, “It would have been better if (Choi) Jun-yong came back and played as a full team, but the season has been going well since the 5th round. I am proud of my brothers (Choi) Pukyung hyung endured the pain and ran, and (Kim) Seonhyung must have had a hard time too, but he didn’t show it. Personally, there were some regrets after returning from ankle surgery, but SK showed a strong appearance this season as well. I want to build a good body in the offseason and contribute to the championship next season.”토스카지노

It is also of interest which team Choi Won-hyuk will continue his career. Choi Won-hyeok earned his second FA qualification after his debut at the end of the 2022-2023 season. When he exercised his first free agent rights after the end of the 2017-2018 season, he signed a contract with the original team SK for a total of 100 million won for a three-year contract period.

Choi Won-hyuk said, “SK is a team that has taken care of us so well. I will be meeting with the person in charge soon.” “(Jeong) Hyo-geun also read the article,” he laughed.

Jeong Hyo-geun said in an interview with this magazine that day, “The amount is also an amount, but I want to go and play for a team that can utilize my value. I don’t think I’m a perfect player, so I want to choose a team that can use me and prove my worth.”

Choi Won-hyuk said, “If there is a team that wants me, I can move, and I think SK will treat me that way if they believe in me. I will work hard no matter which team I sign with.”

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