While the Korea Football Association’s surprise match-fixing amnesty controversy continues, KBS met Choi Seong-guk, a former national player who participated in the 2011 professional soccer match-fixing game, alone.

Choi Seong-guk said that he had no idea that an amnesty was being pursued, and that he was embarrassed by the Football Association’s attempt to pardon.

Reporter Kim Ki-beom reports.


Choi Seong-guk took part in match-fixing as a professional soccer manager in 2011 and received a severe punishment of permanent expulsion.카지노

He was unable to engage in soccer-related work, so he made a living by doing day jobs such as courier delivery.

Then, since last year, he has been driving a bus and serving as a training assistant at a youth club in Gyeonggi-do run by an acquaintance, and controversy arose as to whether he was trying to return to the leader in an expedient way.

Choi Seong-guk said he was surprised by the surprise pardon from the Korea Football Association on the 28th of last month, when it was withdrawn after facing a backlash from public opinion.

[Soundbite] Choi Seong-guk(Former National Football Team) : “I saw the news last night and thought about it. I was very embarrassed, but at the same time I was confused.”] He

also expressed regret at the hasty management of the Korea Football Association. [Soundbite] Choi Seong-guk/Former national soccer player : “There was no communication at all, and there was nothing, but it’s a pity that I made this decision… I think it’s too bad that it’s

only for our players.”


[Soundbite] Choi Seong-guk/Former national football player : “If the fans don’t want to and we say no because we’ve done a lot of wrong, I don’t think I ‘m forced to do something…” It has been revealed, but there are many soccer players who have been permanently expelled for financial corruption and violence, and criticism is growing.

This is KBS News Kim Ki-beom.

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